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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Sports are vital to the holistic development of young people as it fosters their physical, social and emotional health. Sports also build habits that a life long practice to implement healthy life style. That’s why we aim to spread sports in our schools/institutions via our Project “Learning Through Sports”. Since we believe that sports have a great value to lessen drop out rate, implement cooperation and integration, raise self esteem, improve motor skills also in students with special needs and in disabled students. The project will help to incorporate the values and characteristics of sports into the school environment such as team work, obeying the rules, respecting others and leadership. And also, the increase of cultural diversity in our society makes sports more important to develop relationships to promote awareness across the European Union and beyond of cultural and linguistic differences and to breakdown racism, prejudice and xenophobia that can and on occasions exist in our society and unfortunately at our schools. We are targeting to reach the following objectives by running our project " Learning Through Sports": - to promote cooperation among EU countries by sharing/exchanging of good practices of sports combining with the academic career and life long learning, and transferring non-formal methods out of schools into the curriculum, -to evolve, raise interest and implement the sport practices in the field of education and to increase attainment levels, -to promote entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people through developing new methods and techniques - to explore the meaning , relevance and potential of students in sports field for increasing youth /students employability, -to support integration of immigrant students by getting over xenophobia and prejudice via sportive activities, -to support healthy style of living (as a prevention of overweight-obesity, lifestyle diseases, drug abuse...) - to get to know national sports in involving countries (art,history, keeping the national sports in the society, implementation into school curriculums, the best national sportsmen/sportswomen) In our project there 7 different educational institutes: 2 directorates, 1 NGO, 1 High School, 2 Secondary Schools and 1 Health College Since there are 7 different educational institutes that have rich backgrounds and project experience in the partnership, the harmony of these values will gain a new horizon with this project and reach a wide range of people including teachers,students, their families or any Life Long Learners. Approximately 90 students, 150 teachers/ trainers and 10 managers will directly participate in the mobilities or activities During the project we are planning to do following activities to reach our goals: -Interviewing with the teachers, trainers, students and other attendees take part in the project activities with the aim of gathering opinions on the quality of implementation will be one of the project outputs. This activity will ensure whether the activities are well-organized, professional and enough to meet their claim or not. - Also a documentary including all the activities held on during the project (preparations, applications, results showed whether they work or not) and a quality free time guide (leaflet) will be prepared. -There will be also a multiplying event including a conference at the end of the project. - The innovative ideas in the curricula will be implemented in the school curricula. Since we believe sport is vital to the holistic development of young people as it fosters their physical, social and emotional health, our project will be disseminated over the largest and the most various number as possible of our students. Also, the benefits of sport reached beyond the impact on physical well-being and the value of the educational benefits of sport should not be under-estimated at all. This project would also be a good opportunity for both educators and students/learners to improve their communicative and personal skills. We believe that it will be a unique experience for both teachers and students to broaden their minds and horizons. The students could learn what it means to be a citizen of Europe and understand multicultural societies. Innovation is guaranteed by emphasis on cross-curricular learning among compulsory school subjects (P.E., Maths, English,Science etc.) optional Sport Courses, students' participation and by emphasis on practical application on theoretical knowledge of sports. The project will also complement the extending sport practice at school to a life long practice to implement a healthy life style.



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