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Learning from integrated eCare practice and promoting deployment in European regions (Beyond Silos)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2014, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Description BeyondSilos enables delivery of integrated care to older Europeans to support them to live independently within the community by providing the ICT tools necessary to join up care pathways across organisations, in particular between social and health service providers. A key area of integration is providing cross-sectoral teams with common access to client data, including those coming from home platforms providing monitoring of physiological and environmental parameters and tools for improving self-care. The ICT platform will enable regionally customised integrated care models based on common care pathways aligned with the SmartCare Pilot A currently in the implementation phase. Pathways will be supported by workflow tools activating the most appropriate resources across the entire spectrum of services available for older people, including informal care, thus increasing support for older people to manage both acute and long-term situations, including chronic conditions and increasing frailty. The ICT platform will be based, whenever possible, on open standards and multivendor interoperability and collaboration will be strongly encouraged. BeyondSilos brings together pioneers and early followers from 7 EU regions. It intends to provide pathway-based, ICT-supported, integrated care to >10.000 older citizens during the lifespan of the project. Using a HTA-based multi-dimensional evaluation methodology, MAST, and a CBA-based socio-economic impact assessment approach, ASSIST, it will expand the evidence base on integrated care impacts from predecessor projects to support informed decision making for sustainable Europe-wide deployment at all levels. Substantial resources will be invested in harnessing experiences already made by early adopters and into disseminating and communicating guidelines and specifications for procuring and implementing ICT building blocks supporting integrated care for the benefit of stakeholders not directly involved in project implementation.



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