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Learning From Green Environments II
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Vertigem is an organization committed to the environment, nature and animals.Learning From Green Environments” is a project designed to help the environment, create awareness in local and European population of the importance of working in harmony with nature, the importance in taking from the nature only the resources needed. Learning From Green Environments is a project create to teach people to recycling, to harvest organic food.. etc. The volunteers will be involved in activities with the Environmental Centre and Agricultural Park. The activities made involve task such as: feeding the animalsrecycling, production of farm products, nature conservation maintenance of the equipment used in the activities (bicycle, binoculars…) opening and maintenance of paths and footpaths etc. The context of the project is in the small village of Portela Vale de Espinho, local where it is situated the main office of Vertigem – Associação para a Promoção do Património, is a privileged place of the Natural Park of Serras de Aire e Candeeiros, located between the villages of Bezerra (3 Km) and Arrimal (4Km) and at 10km from the city of Porto de Mós in the West of Portugal, in the region of Lisboa and Vale do Tejo.For this project we would like to receive enthusiastic people with good communicational skills, who are independent and willing to participate in the project. Qualities taken into account by Vertigem in the selection of candidates for this project are: love of nature and protection of the environment.This project will help the nature, the animals, plants, forest etc… the volunteers and the local people are and will more aware of the importance to understand that whole world is in danger if we don’t take care of nature and if we don’t live in harmony with the planet.The Centre national Information Jeunes and Vertigem are commitment to prepare the logistic in order to send and received the volunteers ( travel, accommodation, insurance, safety and protection of participants, visa, social security, mentoring and support, preparatory meetings with partners etc.) according with the standards of the Erasmus + programme.



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