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Learning From Each Other - European Environment Film Festivals
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

IMAGE DE VILLE - LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER - EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENT FILM FESTIVALS Our cultural association IMAGE DE VILLE offers every year two film festivals in Aix-en-Provence and its region : the Image de ville Architecture and Urban Landscape Film Festival and the Environment Film Days which tackles current environmental issues both from film and urban points of view. The Image de ville project Learning From Each Other - European Environment Film Festivals is a mobility project, entering the activity : Staff training : job shadowing / observation period abroad in any relevant organisation active in the adult education field. Meeting other european partners who have the same activity and the same concerns will enable us to broaden our local and national point of view to other European countries, including countries whose environment situation and cinema production are not well-known from our public. Meeting such partners is also a way to build our international development, to share skills and exchange best practices within the fields of cultural development and raising ecological awareness. Building this network of relevant partners will stimulate the coming-up of common projects within the same fields, in the following years. Partners are : KOLOSKO KULTURNA SCENA - EKS ( Hrvatska Kostajnica & Sisak - Croatia ) ASOCIATIA LES HERBES FOLLES ( Bucarest & Tulcea - Romania ) ASOCIACIÓN CULTURAL ECOZINE ( Zaragoza - Spain ) These dynamic organisations have been chosen because they, like us, produce an environment film festival. Among the film festivals dedicated to environment in Europe, we selected them because they have a specific and original approach. EKOLOSKO KULTURNA SCENA - EKS produces a unique travelling and cycling festival.: the Sisak Eco Film Festival. This festival also crosses European borders (Croatia / Bosnia Herzegovina), in a region wounded by recent history. ASOCIATIA LES HERBES FOLLES produces the PELICAM International Film Festival on Environment and people. This festival is the only environment film festival in Romania and the «youngest» in Europe. In only 4 years, it grew quickly and now offers, among other programs, a regional «Black Sea docs» international competition for films produced around the Black Sea (Romania, Ukraine, Moldavia, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria). - ASOCIACIÓN CULTURAL ECOZINE is, like us, active in the environment and film fields in two ways : organising the environment film festival «Ecozine» but also producing documentaries on ecological issues. Each mobility program is framed within four types of content : presentation and description of each organisation (people, activities) methodological workshops / strategic discussions ( focusing on various thematics such as : development strategy, green production, volunteering, ecological behaviour, school programming, regional film competition, financing and sponsoring, audience development) meeting partners and visits : meeting local actors within the fields of culture and environment, partners and sponsors, local authorities, etc...). Visiting the places where each festival is held. conclusion and projects : network and partnerships, tools and practices to develop within future collective projects, creating new projects together within our fields and for our audience. Learning from each other and creating collective projects in the future is a common wish from our organisations.



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