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Learning Foreign Language through ICT
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Erasmus + project "Learning Foreign Language through ICT" involves 8 schools from Romania, Turkey, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Bulgaria and Italy. The problem we intend to address refers to the big number of students from our schools who have not English key competencies : reading, conversation, writing, grammar, vocabulary. Therefore our general objective in this partnership is to improve the teaching process of the English language using ICT as a means of developing linguistic and communication abilities for pupils aged 10-13 years old and supporting the development of innovative content based on ICT, of pedagogical and practical methods for lifelong learning. Specific objectives that will be pursued during the project are: O.1.To encourage the learning of English language and to improve the quality of English language skills teaching and ICT abilities for approximately 326 students and for 30 participant teachers till August 2017; O.2.To improve/develop the participants’ communication competence in English language (approximately 326 students),till August 2017; O.3.To promote multilingualism and tolerance towards other cultures,religions,traditions among 326 pupils and 30 teachers from target group; O.4.To enhance the quality and European dimension of 30 participant teachers and schools development till August 2017. In the target group will be about 326 students aged 10-13 years old from these eight partner schools. Students are not selected from different classes, they are whole classes of students: V and VI classes. The students are girls and boys with different capacities of learning, which are part of different socio- economic classes, different religions, different cultures, different traditions, so on. Some of them come from villages ( Romania, Poland), some of them come from small schools ( Cyprus), some of them come from big schools ( Turkey, Bulgaria). Students will be involved in attractive activities carried out within a non-formal environment which use mainly ICT means but also other interactive methods as well as, teaching play, learning by drawing and song, role play, making of posters, etc. The addressed topics are topics from school curriculum: Nice to meet you!, Let me introduce my family and my pets!, It's Christmas time!, Weekends and holidays,Let's story!, etc. The result of the work in partnership will be materialized in a e- book with title "Fairy tales of the World" , a virtual book where are included the short stories created by children used their imagination and creativity, a book dedicated to students with title "How to learn English easily?" , a book which include all methods, games, exercises tested during the project accompanied by a CD with example of activities made during the class lessons, eight magazines of the paper "English through games" which include games, riddles, drawings, puzzle, created by children. For dissemination but also for communication between partners we will use the web-site of project and facebook page.



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