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Learning for life through volunteering
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Sociohistorical context of Lithuania conditioned many severe social problems in our society naming people living in social exclusion, children living at risk or foster houses, disabled people social isolation. Main partners of the project are the ones providing social services to socially vulnerable/excluded groups - children and disabled daycare centers or children care-homes and one environmental host in order to enrich the project with variety of resources. These centers and homes are located in little towns, the areas outside the cities or at the very margins of the city, therefore access to some services and benefits of the city are limited. "Learning for life through volunteering" - long term individual or paired volunteering activities in the project aiming to empower partner organizations in distant areas and volunteers to learn from inter-cultural experience, strengthen soft skills and competencies through non-formal learning. 9 youngsters from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Ukraine will implement 6-11 months voluntary services in social organizations providing services for people in social exclusion or environmental organization. We expect that volunteers will become more independent, active and responsible persons, will get to know Lithuanian culture, traditions, will learn Lithuanian language as well as Lithuanians will get to know their cultures and traditions, volunteers will increase their understanding of European community and citizenship as such, will learn about life and problems people face in the districts or little towns, as well as social exclusion, both - foreigners and local people, will be able to break stereotypes about people from other countries. Target groups will be more motivated to learn, and to participate in different workshops, will learn more about different cultures, become more tolerant, and decrease xenophobia. Coordinating organization will improve and extend the organizations’ activities, strengthen host partner organizations improving cooperation in general. This project can improve the communication and collaboration between different organizations and may establish continuing partnership between the involved organizations.



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