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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In a geographically and economically special environment we are taking part in a project of this magnitude, we want our students , our teachers, our business and , by extension, our entire city, to LEARN , IMPROVE and therefore WORK The objectives of the project are: 1 - . Expanding the framework of both academic and professional training of students , so as to increase their employment opportunities . 2 - .Promoting youth entrepreneurship. . 3 - Increasing the competitiveness of our students in the mastery of skills and procedures which give them a greater chance of employment. . 4 - Learning and incorporating, by teachers, the different models of training and work organization from the host countries in order to innovate the education of students. Given the socio- cultural situation of our school we must offer students the possibility of a professional training in a different environment, within European borders as well as the possibility of making contact with foreign companies. The expected results are: - An improvement in the employment of graduate students. - Considering self-employment as a way to work from new ideas acquired from the trip and training, and therefore creating new jobs. - Regarding the school staff, the project results will be reflected in changes in the training structure such as programming, planning, relationships with companies, or any other idea taken as a result of the project. The contents of this program are summarized in the following points: - Mobility flows of students and recently graduate students (Job training and youth mobility) - Job shadowing for teachers The instruments to achieve the objectives of this project are : - Agreement on collaboration with partners, in this case intermediary partners. - Establishment of training plans with partners aiming the development of the student training /productive activities in the company, learning outcomes and assessment criteria. - Development of English activities to improve the English language before the selection of the students, with further study on this subject after the selection. - Use of all types of information technologies for communication between the parties. The evaluation of the development of the project will be based on the triangulation of both quantitative and qualitative techniques. The activities that will check whether they have achieved the objectives and expected results of our project will be carried out with the following indicators (all data will be contrasted between genders, countries and trades) 1. Spreading campaign 2. Awareness campaign. 3. Selection process 4. Immersion and adaptation of students. 5. End point of the project. To conclude with, this school aims, by means of this project, to increase the employability of our students, to facilitate thus the insertion of our students in the workplace and to help them get a better position within the market, promoting equal opportunities in the labour market access and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.



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