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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The economic context of the Spanish labor market means that some groups such as unemployed youth who neither study nor work, many from early school leaving, do not have opportunities for minimum qualifications, attitudes and motivation to enter the labor market. The municipalities of Argentona, Montgat and INS Alexandre Galí have extensive experience in training programs ofor nitial VET qualification, very young and sometimes unmotivated students. It is often difficult to make efficient management which can enable innovation both in management and in the training of young unemployed who they are given their first professional qualification. The consortium members have made a European development plan that aims to help this transformation and change to incorporate innovation to improve the attractiveness and quality of VET initial qualification programs incorporating learning mobility of teachers and students in another European country. The project partners have formed a consortium, dividing the roles, rights and duties of everyone to benefit from the experience of each and manage the mobility project more efficiently. Sending Partners are experienced in providing training programs that provide initial qualification for unemployed youth but lack from European cooperation activity. ACIT, coordinator of the consortium has good experience in managing European educational programs and promoting international mobility and good contacts at European level. It was considered the professional family cooking, baking and bakery as a sufficiently attractive and easy for international mobility. Italy was chosen as the most suitable country for its cultural, linguistic similarity and attractiveness in their culinary specialties. For mobility management the ECVET tools will be used for acreditation of the competences and skills acquired by the participants. In the first year of the project will take place two personnel mobility flows in groups of 6 professionals with managerial profile, counselor and trainer to be trained (3 days job shadowing) in a reference center for vocational training Formazione Apro in Italy. These mobility participants will be responsible for acquiring management skills and techniques to promote innovation in their organizations. In the second year of the project are to perform two mobility flows of 9 students of programs for initial qualification cooking, bakery, with an accompanying person for each group to make a training period of two weeks in Apro Formazione where they will learn Italian food specialties : pasta, pizza, desserts and artisan ice cream. It is expected that students participating in the mobility gain motivation and self-esteem. Is also expected to acquire skills that will allow them greater employability short and long term. The project is going to contribute to EU policy, specially to Europe 2020 targets on poverty reduction and employment.


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