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Learning active citizenship - Capacity Building Stage XVI
Date du début: 1 juil. 2013,

“Learning active citizenship–Capacity Building Stage XVI” is a group EVS programme which addresses the issues of marginalisation & discrimination against minorities. It aims to raise the awareness of the 16 vols on the existing forms of discrimination, to sensitise them for their own situation as foreigners in the hosting countries and to encourage to actively strive towards a more inclusive society. The topic is tackled in a kick off training where the vols from DE, IE, BE, NL, PL, IT, ES, UK, CH & FI come together and are trained on the wide ranges of marginalisation & exclusion, exchange ideas & experiences & analyse the different approaches in their home countries. The training offers strategies to cope with the issue & develop ideas for own activities against exclusion. It provides the basis for the work in the projects. After the training the vols start the 10 months EVS in RU, UA and AZ. The projects directly involve people from disadvantaged backgrounds, socially excluded parts of the society and with fewer opportunities. The vols support the HOs´ staff and assist in projects for refugees, disabled children, disadvantaged youth and elderly people, and NGOs that provide non-formal learning possibilities, promote volunteering, raise awareness on environment and human rights issues. As young dedicated Europeans the vols promote active citizenship & are role models for their peers. They run own activities to overcome marginalisation. During the EVS the vols stay connected with internet tools to exchange experiences and ideas. After the EVS the vols come back together in a meeting for evaluation and planning of follow up activities in their home countries. The EVS offers multiple non-formal learning opportunities, encourages active engagement, social inclusion, solidarity & tolerance. The activities support the target groups directly and the presence of international EVS vols brings public attention to the existing problems & the worthwhile work of the HOs.


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