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Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

„Learn2fly“ invites to move and to change the perspective. 32 young participants from Germany and Greece meet in the small village Mirtos, greek to find their storys about how to learn to fly. Then they present those in form of a Dance-Theater-Cicus-Music-Show. „Learn2fly“ is a cross over of methods of the cultural youth education. Here is not only done Cicus but also made music, dance and theater improvisation. From the intensely coactions and reflections of their future perspectives arise short stories about „learning how to fly“. In the mix of music, theater, dance and circus education the youngsters develop their own ways of expression and presentation. In a common process they prepare their final performance and will present it in Mirtos Open Air. To work towards a collective achievement, collaborating in an international team, fosters the getting to know and the practice of conflict-solution-models and democratic decision-makings by reinforcing the sense of responsibility. It motivates to active citizenship and supports the participation in cultural live. During the project the youngsters evolve cognitive and motor functional competences learning competences, self iniative and entrepreneurship competences, cultural awareness and cultural expression. The intercultural dialogue, the understanding and the ability to communicate are stimulated. This makes it easier to learn together and from each other. The artistical and creative workshops improve the process of refelexive communication and promote in an exemplary way the active listening as well as the understanding of the prospects of the others including the own ones. They promote the compaasion and the appreciation aside stereotypes in the diversity of humans and their enviroment.



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