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Learn through Volunteering What and How?
Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Because in the current context, too many young people in Europe are facing real difficulties to find a job and no matter what they have studied, they lack the skills, attitudes and practical hands-on experience employers are asking for. Many of them are willing to help other people and are approaching us looking for opportunities to improve their employability skills, but, they do not perceive volunteering as a genuine learning opportunity. Because, in one hand, voluntary based NGOs can improve their social and educational impact by creating specific learning incentives for young people (who are unemployed) and, in the other hand, youth workers can play a decisive role in helping young volunteers to gain confidence and develop specific job related skills while volunteering. Because NGOs are the most capable to make young people (and the whole society) aware that volunteers are not only helping others, but they are also developing crucial competences. Sometimes it happens by accident and in an informal way, but, if we want to create long term and sustainable learning opportunities, promoter NGOs might need to exchange and learn new and innovative tools, methods and activities that we will discover in this training course. The Fundació Catalunya Voluntària -FCV decided to collaborate with other nonprofit youth organizations, to create opportunities for long-term sustainable youth volunteering projects and programs with a clear learning content, and provide with spaces where youth workers from 13 countries could learn from each other new tools , methods and activities to support learning process of volunteers. The course brought together, from 16 to 23 May 2015, in Vilanova (Barcelona, Spain) 21 people from Germany, Italy , Slovenia , Bulgaria , Romania , Greece , Turkey , Malta , Estonia , Latvia, Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic. TC 'Learn though Volunteering -What and How ? was coordinated by the FCV thanks to the support of the Spanish NA and the Erasmus + program of the European Commission. TC general objectives are: • To empower young people to be active citizens=volunteers. • To support young people to show more initiative and take on responsibility for their own learning=participate in non-formal learning voluntary projects or activities. • To promote cooperation and networking among youth workers and voluntary based NGOs actively in the field of NFL, volunteering and voluntary service at European level. TC specific project objectives are: • To build capacities to identify, manage, recognize, certify and validate the competences, volunteers are developing while volunteering. • To help volunteers to improve their self-esteem and motivation, discover new interests and be more capable to continue their learning/studies, but also to find a job. • To help volunteers to set up their learning objectives and identify their own competences (skills, interests and attitudes), give and receive feedback and develop their creativity and initiative.



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