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Learn & Teach - Austausch und gegenseitige Qualifikation von Jugendlichen in Beteiligungsprojekten
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The initiative Peer-Leader-International is an international education project with several local groups worldwide. Youth and adults from different cultures, social classes and youth scenes are encouraged to collaborate in the preparation of projects for the development of the neighbourhood and thereby exchange and learn from and with each other. The international partners make it possible to experience the own embeddedness in global contexts and to see the own environment from a different perspective.In this context, young activists of different peer leader groups from Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Belarus will come together during the planned youth-meeting "Learn & Teach" from 3rd to 16th of October 2016. In addition to experienced members, some young people are involved who started taking part in the group meetings only recently. The aim is that the peer leader groups mutually encourage, inspire and qualify in their social and political dedication. In concrete terms:- The individual peer leader groups pass their past experience and accumulated expertise both thematically as well as methodologically to other groups,- Identify common points, so that opportunities for related activities are created on various subjects,- Younger Peer-Leaders are encouraged for political commitment and socialized to global awareness by the role-model of the already active members.The youth meeting "Learn & Teach" is divided into four sections. The first part is the getting to know and orientation in the group. This also includes an exchange on living conditions and local cultures.The second section is the core of the program. Young people from the different groups bring in their experience and abilities by running workshops for the other participants on topics and methods used in their Peer-Leader activities. The Bosnian group for example is expected to offer a workshop on masculinity and the Belarusian group organizes a workshop on forum-theater as a means of drug prevention. The workshops each last half a day. At any time 3-4 workshops are offered parallely, so that the participants have an option to choose according to their own interests and needs.After the workshop part the competences acquired will be applied in a public action. Together the young people choose a theme to work on, for example, the theme of conflicts, the issue of youth unemployment or the issue of inclusive education. Together the action is planned, implemented and evaluated.At the end of the meeting the youths discuss communication and cooperation within the network on a meta-level and plan further common activities.As the program is to a large extent controlled and run by the young people, the team will use the opportuntiy for exchange about the conceptual work in the local groups and the network Peer-Leader-International. Since the peer leader groups in Germany are committed to inclusion, these experiences are passed on at the level of the group leaders, too.The meeting will be prepared by the partners with a longer lead. Possible workshop topics are proposed by the young members, in an international Skype conference with youth representatives the workshops will be chosen and youth are supported preparing their workshops.After the youth-meeting, the Peer-Leader structures offer the framework to apply the new knowledge and to pursue new ideas. This allows to measure the success of the meeting with the following indicators:- Participants introduce themes or forms of action, which had been presented in the workshops of the youth meeting, in their local groups,- Related activities take place in various locations and- New members regularly participate at the meeting of the local groups, join new focus groups and take responsibility in the implementation of ideas.



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