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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

#LEARN IT #OWN IT #EXERCISE IT is a youth exchange project which aims to involve youngsters from different parts of Europe (Bulgary, France, Italy, Republic of Macedonia, Norway and Romania) to reflect about a pro-active appoach to participation in society and in decision-making process concerning them. The youth exchange will last 10 days and will be realized in the italian city of Bologna. The youngsters will came from countries with different forms and leveles of active participation (such as classic political participation, associacionism, internet activism, taking part at protests or boycott) in order to share experiences and methods of participation, to enable a process of positive contamination of the more “deficient” ones and to enhance their intercultural awareness levels.The project wants to breakdown the easy tendence to resignation and responsibilities delegation, that had characterised the Mediterraneo area's youngsters taking part at some of our previous projects: trend that weakens the exercise of active citizenship and the construction of collaborative and proactive social relationships. Therefore, we aim to make young people playing an active role in decisions that concerns them and more responsible to community life, first of all strengthening a cooperative and rights and duties's commited social interaction. This approach to society should be excercised at every level, daily in their lifes (in contexts such as family, schools, associations, peer groups) as well as, in the long run, in the political participation opportunities offered by European Union institutional framework. We are going to achieve our pourpuse through the use of non-formal education, Theatre of the Oppressed's practices, Comics workshops, using COMPASS manual to support the activities. The activities will allow the acquisition of soft skills such as critical thinking, willingness to dialogue, mediation and negotiation skills as tools of peaceful resolution of conflicts, being the human rights system of value the necessary framework. In this way, the young people involved in the exchange, will break down preconceptions and barriers that disrupt their psychosocial development, will strenght its European identity and will experience new forms of dialogue and constructive cooperation in the name of values such as democracy, tolerance, dignity and reciprocity of human rights.This action will also benefit the approach of the youngsters in the world of work, having acquired soft skills such as greater self-awareness and of their potential, team-work and conflict's resolution 's abilities, a more profitable predisposition to social interactions.



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