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Leading Our Communities to Appreciate Local Products
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Farmers Association from the Cristuru Secuiesc Area will organize an Erasmus+ project called Leading Our Communities to Appreciate Local Products or L. O. C. A. L. P R O D U C T S, which is in line with its priorities and previous activities which help and support local producers and farmers. The project is planned to have a 2 day advance planning visit in the end of February 2016 (27-28), where the group leaders from each country meet in Romania to plan and prepare the youth exchange and an 8 day youth exchange in May 7-14. The Exchange will host 6-6 participants from 5 partners coming from Program Countries, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy (5-5 youth aged 22-30 and 1 group leader without age limitation). These participants will be youth coming from the same rural community or region and they will be prepared to teach and make a local product from their region.The main objective of the project is to promote the importance of putting value on local products among the participants and the local communities they come from, especially the one in Cristuru Secuiesc, which is going to host the mobilities. Also, the project wishes to ensure intergenerational collaboration and dialogue through the transfer of basic knowledge and values from and to the outh participants and some elders from the local community. To achieve these, beyond getting to know one another, our cultures and Erasmus+, the participants will have two main types of activities: Firstly, on each morning starting from day 2, the participants will learn and make local products typical to the community of each partner, through creation workshops. Each country will be in charge of the morning workshops day by day. Secondly, in the afternoons, we will understand, analyze and develop the current trends of supporting and promoting local products, we will meet with experts on the topic and we will visit a few local producers and elders. On the last day, before concluding and evaluating the project results, we will have a community event in the local market where all the local products made during the mobility will be displayed and shared with the local community, manly with youth, but not only.By doing these activities, the participants will acquire practical skills and theoretical knowledge regarding local products, entrepreneurship and other cultures. This learning process will be aided by various team building, reflective and other non-formal methods and all the learning achievements will be certified through the reflection process and its outcomes shown in the Youthpass Certificates given to all the participants.



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