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Leader's Training - Seminar for youth leaders of international youth volunteering activities in South East Europe
Date du début: 15 août 2010,

The South Eastern European Youth Network (SEEYN) ¡s a network organisation involving 15 member NGOs, it is an attempt of overcoming differences among societies that have recent tradition of conflicts through bringing young people from the entire South Eastern Europe region to work together.The aim of this training course is to provide learning opportunity in an intercultural setting for young people interested to gain competences for being young leaders of international youth volunteering activities.Objectives:1. To provide participants with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes on the subjects of good governance of volunteering actions/projects and/or their NGOs and encourage them to improve it;2. To empower participants with competences needed to understand and further develop sustainability and fundraising of their voluntary actions/volunteering projects, thus to increase their communication competences so they can prepare, present and negotiate their ideas;3. To discuss values, principles, benefits/threats of volunteering and create common understanding of positive impact that European youth volunteering has on individuals, groups and societies;4. To offer space for personal reflection on participants own role in organisation, his/hers-level of active participation in society and perception of own citizenship on local and European level;5. To secure space for exchange of different experiences, approaches, practices,methodologies and tools in organisation of voluntary actions/volunteering projects;6. To facilitate future cooperation between participants and their organisations and toempower participants to multiply effects of this training course in their organisations;"Leaders' Training-Seminar for youth leaders of international youth volunteering activities in South East Europe" is a 7 day training course, scheduled to take place end of October - beginning of November 2010, in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina with 30 young people coming from 13 different countries (22 organisations).



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