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Lead Learn and Link
Date du début: 15 mai 2016, Date de fin: 14 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Lead learn and link Duration: June 2016, 6 training days & 2 travel daysLocation: Aquitaine, FrancePartnership: 3 Europeanspartners +1 FrenchNumber of participants: 5 per organization, 8 for the coordinator organization; 23 participants + 3 trainersLanguage: English Background of the project: Concordia was created after the WW2 in order to rebuild what was destroyed during the war and to promote peace between people. Concordia joined the movement of non-formal education. We are promoting an education for all by all without age, sexual, cultural, religious or economic distinction. Beyond all, on his charter, Concordia encourages the circulation of people and ideas through international exchanges.Through this European formation, Condordia would like to provide a practical training, to give concrete tools and dealing with the whole topic. The exchanges will be even more interesting between field workers coming from different country who have different work practices that we could talk about during the training and that other participants could apply. It’s also a wish from the partner organizations to professionalize their workers and to looking for innovative initiatives in animation needs and pedagogyWe would like to highlight the initiatives and ideas of our network to promote interculturality and live together.The objectives of the project:Offer to the young worker involved in an organization an training at the end of which they will be able to animate actions (training, work camps, youth exchange) in an European context.Main objectives:- Analyze and understand different methods and stakes in the field of the youth training- Share experiences, knowledge and work methods to improve the quality of youth leader work camp’s training within each organization- Promote non formal learning and cultural diversity through the participation of French and foreign youth leader.- Develop new tools to apply the knowledge acquired during the training and to keep training the youth leader in a more efficient way.The training will be in English.Profile of participants: This training targets social workers, youth workers, volunteers, work camps leaders, active members in their organization curious about interculturality and young people whose story is linked to immigration and who would like to run activities dealing with this young target group.Participants need to be motivated and ready to participate to the entire training.Methodology:The methodology, based on the reinforcement of non-formal education values and the structure of this European training will serve to further encourage an active involvement of each participant. This will allow participants to be able to develop competencies and new tools in order to develop a sensitive approach about intercultural issues in their organization and spread the final outcomes.Non-formal education values will be share with workshops in large or small groups, sharing of experience and know-how, debates, participative evaluations - using innovating methods of learning.



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