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Le développement durable, un secteur d'avenir pour l'économie des régions et l'emploi des jeunes Européens.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The goal of our three schools, the lycée St François d'Assise in La Roche sur Yon (FR), the Gymnasium BBS in Wildeshausen (DE) and the gymnázia Podkrusnohorske in Most (CZ), is to contribute to the development of European cooperation and to actively participate in the fields of education and culture. The students concerned in this project (12 per school) are between the ages of 16 to 18 and all come from higher secondary education - technological education in France, professional in Germany and general education in Czech Republic - All three schools lead to the secondary school leaving examinations (A levels). In the process of this KA 2 Erasmus+ project the schools will mutually complement each other via education and training. They can join their cultural differences to create something new in common which follows the chosen motto: „ Sustainable development, a promising sector in regional economy and European youth employment". The activities will force and enable the pupils to communicate in written and oral language by offering different ways of informal experience; blogs, internet sites, computer-aided presentations, video conferences, creation of short films, staging of meetings and preparation of interviews. Three teachers, one from each of the respective countries, will be in charge of managing the project in close coordination with the heads of their schools and their accounting departments and their pedagogic teams. The outcome of the project will be interesting in more than one aspect. First there are the competences attained in the written and oral use of the language for the pupils, an improved mastery of the French and English language. Further basic notions of physics – understanding a physical phenomenon theoretically and putting it into practice through experiments – are also developed. Additionally, students will better understand the work of government agencies concerning active employment policies especially in the context of sustainable development. Finally our young students are better prepared for searching for appropriate employment using methods which are better adapted. In this process Europe as an idea will become somewhat less abstract and the partnership between our schools will add to more interest in the active participation in Europe. For the teachers the cooperation will help them to exchange teaching practices and to develop them in comparison to and contrast with their European partners thus putting forward new methods and evolving teaching experiences. Our respective schools will gain European competence, and European spirit and integration actively lived in our schools. The ties with our local business and administrative partners is strengthened and developed as much as our cooperation with the local media. Greatest transparency will be given to our project as much inside our schools as well as outside with our local, regional and national partners. The establishment of our projects has already begun actively contributing to an opening to and familiarisation with the ideas of Europe and international cooperation. It is designed to firmly install permanent links and to perpetuate our collaboration beyond the Erasmus+ cooperation. On this basis our institutions will profit from this trilateral cooperation which is not limited to this two-year-project: an opening up of a greater international spirit, discovery of a Europe that encourages school cooperation across borders in many educational and pedagogical fields, a Europe close to the single citizen, a Europe that supports the education of her youth and provides the finances necessary.



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