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Latvijas Nacionālās bibliotēkas personāla profesionālā pilnveide jaunu informācijpratības apmācību programmu uzsākšanai Latvijā
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Professional development of the staff of the National Library of Latvia (NLL) for establishment of new information literacy training programs in Latvia" is a project aimed at improving competences of the staff of the National Library of Latvia necessary to develop and implement new information literacy programs, trainings and courses, thus contributing to the overall enhancement of information literacy skills of Latvian society. The NLL staff mostly consists of professional librarians with no previous experience in teaching and little competence in methodology of teaching, organization of trainings and creation of training materials using modern technologies and tools and meeting an expectations of a society. The project provided an opportunity for 3 librarians to improve their teaching skills, competence in organizing educational process and creating training materials, as well as skills in collaboration with other education institutions. Mobilities to two partnering institutions was organized during the project and NLL staff attend a workshop at the Czech Tecnical Unoversity and went internship in the Helsinki City Library. To acquire both a theoretical background of information literacy training methods and a practical know-how of the management and running of training programs participants attended both a theoretical training course and observed a practical work of partnering institution. Such an approach was chosen to make sure the project participants will be able to organize and run training courses after the completion of the project successfully and to integrate in the lifelong learning process basing on the theoretical knowledge and considering latest trends in the field. The knowledge and international experience acquired by the NLL staff supports development of new information literacy programs, as well as increases awareness of different aspects of information literacy on organizational and national level. It allows the NLL to create up-to-date methodological and information materials, develop its online training platform and improve the overall quality of training provided by the NLL, what is strategic priority of the library. The main dissemination channel of project results is dissemination of acquired knowledge and skills directly - readers training, development of training programs for teachers and librarians, creation of online teaching materials on information literacy. Mediated dissemination of knowledge and skills is recognized as an important channel as well - teachers trained by the NLL has been encouraged to use acquired know-how while teaching their subject and librarians - to disseminate it among library readers.