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LatInSoft education staff development (LatInSoft mācību spēku attīstība)
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The training center “LatInSoft” has been working in the sphere of adult education since 1993. The training center has been successful on the market for adult education and it is one of the leading training institutions in Latgale, which specializes in providing its customers with a wide range of courses for professional development and formal or informal training courses. More than 7000 people have done their training courses at the training center “LatInSoft”. Almost half of the students did various language courses (English, German, French, Latvian). Since 2004 the training center “LatInSoft” has been implementing the programs of teaching Russian as a foreign language “Learn Russian in the European Union”, in which since 2004 to 2013 were about 150 students, but at 2014 have arrived 140 people, and just as much are expected at 2015. Recently, the programs for language development are becoming more and more popular in the sphere of adult education. These language programs have to meet Latvian as well as European requirements for this type of programs. The training center has accumulated huge experience in delivering language courses during these years. However, we would like to ensure our customers receive the service of the best possible quality, which conforms to the highest international standards. So we find it very important to develop professional competence of our language teachers and to introduce new methods of teaching. The project “Learn Russian in the EU” is attracting more and more customers from abroad, so it is important to enhance and develop managerial and organizational skills and professional competences of the staff can use English while running the project. It is planned to have three languages teachers of the training center “LatInSoft” to have involved in the project. Within the framework of the project, it is envisaged to acquire two training programs: “The Creative Classroom – Tools and Tips for Language Teachers” and “Language Teaching Methodology Course: Methodology Revisited, Revitalised&Re-energised”. Training courses are mainly focused on acquiring practical skills and knowledge using interactive communicative approach and experience exchange among participants from various countries. As a result, three members of the staff at the training center “LatInSoft” will have their professional qualification improved and developed, which will allow the training center to introduce new methods and ideas into the training and organization processes. Thus, the training center can guarantee its customers from Latgale regions as well as from the EU and other countries to receive high quality and modern service in the sphere of language education.