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Latin America-Europe ICT Cooperation Advanced Strategies (AMERICAS)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2011, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The AMERICAS - LatinAMerica-EuRope Ict Cooperation Advanced Strategies – project aims at supporting sustainable ICT policy dialogues and fostering ICT R&D cooperation between the EU and strategic partner countries in Latin America, by enabling new synergies and effective collaboration through policy makers, researchers and key stakeholders networks in ICT and international cooperation.The AMERICAS project covers all countries with a bi-lateral S&T Agreement in the region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico) plus Colombia. To reach the project goals the AMERICAS workplan builds upon the following well-targeted support activities and capacity-building events:- Organising an annual ICT Forum synchronised with S&T and ICT dialogue meetings to support sustainable policy dialogues and to foster collaborative research on ICT- Organising interactive Master Classes to stimulate, encourage and facilitate proactive participation of world-class researchers from LA in ICT projects- Organising Summer Schools for existing and future Project Angels to deepen their knowledge about EU ICT projects, supported by on-line knowledge exchange and information tools- Performing a feasibility study to provide recommendations on potential joint strategies and ICT priorities for future bi-regional cooperation initiatives in the ICT arena- Fostering pro-active collaboration between AMERICAS and e-Infrastructure projects to enhance R&D collaboration and share e-Infrastructures for research in common ICT domainsThe above activities will be carried out by an experienced partnership with a proven track record in successful international cooperation projects, supported by its multipliers networks. It includes Latin America Science & Technology government and academic institutions at the core of the EU-LA S&T dialogue and ICT R&D; European cross-stakeholders IT networks, experienced market researchers and high-qualified ICT managers with high expertise in cooperation with Latin America.



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