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Latconsul darbinieku profesionālā pilnveide
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context/background of projectSIA Latconsul wants to achieve such level of quality and knowledge base, which is necessary to ensure excellency in projects and education on international level and to reach the best possible educational content and teaching quality, which satisfies the needs of the students for labour market and for professional growth. To achieve this, SIA Latconsul promotes the professional learning and continuing education for its staff and teachers. SIA Latconsul wants especially to position itself in Europe and other international markets, therefore continuous learning and improvement is necessary for ensuring and improving educational quality, methods and innovations. Main priorities for SIA Latconsul staff education are :1. To improve quality of education and efficiency of education process, continuously improving staff skills and knowledge about adult education.2. To acquire, implement and use ICT technologies in the teaching and learning process.3. To improve European cooperation in the EU projects and knowledge about the development and management of the EU projects.Objectives of the projectProject objective is to train and educate three (3) teachers and staff of SIA Latconsul according to the main priorities of education improvement.Number and profile of participantsIn total, following staff members and trainers will take part in the training mobilities: Normunds Lokenbahs - director; Aija Lokenbaha - head of product development division; Dace Matuseviča - teacher.Description of activitiesMain project activities are adult education mobilities, in total 3 mobilities to: Motivation in adult education (Normunds Lokenbahs, destination - the Netherlands); innovative skills in ICT through collaborative and project-based teaching and learning (Dace Matusevica, destination - Spain); development and implementation of EU projects (Aija Lokenbaha, destination: Spain).Main activities will be supported by the preparation activities (by SIA Latconsul) and evaluation process (course providers, SIA Latconsul).MethodologyProject methodology is based on the identification of SIA Latconsul training needs and accordingly, finding and attendance of selected training courses. Staff training needs were identified in a form of open survey and discussed with the company' s management to ensure them to be in line with the strategic development plan of the company. The project manager will ensure smooth running of the project and supervision of activities, timeframe and budget, and that after mobilities dissemination and evaluation activities will take place, and the reports are handed in.Short description of results and impact envisagedProject participants will acquire the professional skills and knowledge about ICT use in classroom and implementation of digital classroom; the significance and use of motivation in adult education and skills and knowledge to develop and manage the EU projects more efficiently. All these competences will be valuable assets of SIA Latconsul as they will be used in everyday' s work in development of educational courses, management and teaching of these courses, fostering of cooperation and networking at the European level. Project participants will gain inter-cultural experience, insights about the foreign city and state, and new international contacts.Potential long term benefitsAll the competences which will be improved during training courses, are the ones which are necessary for SIA Latconsul to position itself as international, modern and efficient organisation with high quality standards and are in accordance with the long term development strategy of SIA Latconsul. In a long term, SIA Latconsul students and cooperation partners will also gain from the project, as more efficient communication, management, higher quality and improved teaching and training methods will be ensured.