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Las personas en situación de dependencia son internacionales: comenzamos en Italia
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CONTEXT The roots of El Greco Secondary School go deep into History. Our institution has been teaching students since 1845, which implies that we are one of the oldest schools in Toledo and we host lots of documents, books and didactic material. And yet, we look to the future and we work to develop new and innovative projects that fit into the needs of this century such as the use of ICT´s, social skills, the integration of different cultures or environmental respect. We are eager to get involved in Erasmus + as we think that it will enrich our students in many different ways. They aim to obtain the best qualification as caretaker for people with disabilities and this project is expected to cover that requirement. This starts as a simple project for a total of 4 mobilities, but we hope to go further and to grow slowly in order to create a great partnership to apply for cooperation projects in the future. NUMBER Two mobilities for sutudents interships (3 months) Two personal mobilities for training (5 days) PARTICIPANTS PROFILE Initial Vocational Training: Assistance to people in situations of dependency HOST PARTNER Casa di reposo Villa Verde de Roma ACTIVITIES 1. Teachers meeting to engage participant teachers and analyze the implementation of the project. 2. Informative talk to students to tell them about the program (timing, activities, grant selection process, acquired commitments, …) 3. Creation of a blog. 4. Selection of students meeting the conditions of the call. 5. Socio-linguistic training. 6. Coordination with the director of our host partner to sign the required documents of the intership period, accommodation, work, … 7. Mobility of students for the implementation of the intership (workplace training) during the months of April, May and June 2016. 8. Staff mobility. 9. Sharing and evaluation of working experiences, coordination, study methodology, curriculum enrichment and improvement proposals. 10. Evaluation of the results obtained in this course. 11. Advertise in the media, such as our own publications and web, and local and regional press & radio. 12. Final report. METHODOLOGY Teamwork RESULTS AND IMPACT EXPECTED Personal and professional enrichment and cooperative work performed, both for students and teachers. LONG TERM BENEFITS Improve the curriculum and instruction. Enrich our teaching skills. Forge new bonds with organitation around Europe.



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