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Large-Scale Demonstration of Advanced Smart GRID Solutions with wide Replication and Scalability Potential for EUROPE (GRID4EU)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2011, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Grid4EU project is an innovative SmartGrid project proposed by a group of Distribution System Operators (from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden), in close partnership with a set of electricity retailers, manufacturers and research organizations.Adopting a systemic approach and organized around large-scale demonstrations networks located in six different countries, its structure is built to facilitate dynamic knowledge sharing, technical assistance and review.The project will run over a 51 month period.Grid4EU aims at testing in real size some innovative system concepts and technologies in order to highlight and help to remove some of the barriers to the smart grids deployment and the achievement of the 2020 European goals. These barriers may be technical, economic, societal, environmental or regulatory barriers.It focuses on how distribution system operators can dynamically manage electricity supply and demand, which is crucial for integration of large amounts of renewable energy, and empowers consumers to become active participants in their energy choices.Ultimately, these innovative concepts and technologies should cost-effectively increase the network’s reliability, flexibility, and resiliency.



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