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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In retrospect; between people of different faiths throughout history, worship, has been experiencing a combination of culture and tradition. One type of believers, who are almost no human beings and society. Since the creation of the world among people great wars and suffering. While this is undeniably a portion with the many reasons that there will be suffering, we see that only used as a reason for their faith differences. All religions and beliefs referring to the presence of mankind's universal happiness and how it could be a factor that can be used to experiencing so much pain? The answer is different culture, race, and is pre-judgment and lack of dialogue between people with religion. Advancing towards making enemies out there, and their faith in today constitute both events we are upset and must take action in this regard. Bad effects of these bad events that purpose youth; collaboration, common ideals and universal values, we aim to break and destroy prejudices dialogue. The entire history of our city with the idea that differences of our cultural heritage and cultural heritage projects that we want to integrate our participants. 26 September - 5 October; five different countries will gather 42 young 18-25 age range and no age limit and the 10-day 5 group leader will conduct a youth exchange project. During the project activities and workshops widespread and winding learning / techniques will be used. Our project with religious / interfaith dialogue, youth participation / work, EU Citizenship, Active Citizenship cases / concept will be served. Participants of tolerance, intercultural learning, learning to learn, to destroy prejudices, respect for diversity, improve communication skills in foreign languages will be provided.



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