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Land Use Change, Environment and Society: a integrated framework for economic assessment (LUCES)
Date du début: 10 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 9 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This highly interdisciplinary research project examines one of the most fundamental problems in natural resource and environmental economics: the optimal use of land. Land management raises major trade-offs between public and private interests. Agriculture provides the paramount illustration of these trade-offs. Ownership belongs to the private sector, but has significant implications for the society, generating external costs, (such as changes in wildlife habitats and deforestation), as well as external benefits (like the provision of recreational opportunities and the storage of greenhouse gases, GHG).The central objective of this research is to develop an integrated framework for the economic analysis of decisions concerning agriculture, land use change and associated environmental impacts. It will be based on a novel methodology for economic analyses, including joint models of: a) agricultural production, land use and incomes; b) GHG emissions and c) open-access recreation demand and values. These econometric models will be integrated in a spatially-explicit framework which will encompass both private and social values arising from agricultural land use change. The approach will be demonstrated via policy-relevant scenarios, generated as changes in the main determinants of land use, including market, policy and environmental drivers.The project will contribute to the objectives of the FP7 People Programme by: 1) producing innovative and interdisciplinary research with high policy-relevance, which will be effectively disseminated with a series of outreach activities; 2) allowing the fellow to gain new skills and additional training in advanced econometrics and environmental economics and become one of the EU leading experts in a fast-growing field of research; and 3) establishing a long-term collaboration between two centres of excellence such as UCSD (San Diego, USA) and UEA (Norwich, UK) enhancing the European quality of research.