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Date du début: 4 mai 2016, Date de fin: 3 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

LABORATOR ERASMUS is a KA1 project - EVS, composed by a mobility hosted in Arad/Romania, with 2 stages of 6 months each (first stage from 1st of August 2016; second stage from 1st of March 2017) • The coordinator (applicant) is “Oranizatia Tinerilor cu Initiativa”. Who also has the role of hosting organization. • Sending organizations:a) from Lithuania,”Actio Catholica Patria”;b) from Turkey,”Youth-Agenda”;c) from Italy ,”AttivaMente”;d) from Spain,”MUNDUS-Un Mundo a tus Pies”. Each of these organizations will send to Romania 2 EVS volunteers (1M+1F)/stage.• Local partners from host-community: 4 schools + administration of a natural reservation park. Project’s Objectives: 1) Regarding EVS VOLUNTEERS: development of useful transversal abilities for the acceleration of transit towards a job and towards an active social life.INDICATORS: 16 EVS volunteers from 4 partner countries (2 persons/country/stage); 2 stages of 6 months each. 2) Regarding the HOSTING-COMMUNITY: a better awareness regarding the advantages of bicycle usage as an alternate mean of transportation.INDICATORS: 640 people from Arad (mostly youngsters between 15-19 years old); period of 12 months. EVS Volunteers will develop 4 Sets of Volunteering Tasks (SVT): [SVT1]: Interactive courses of bicycle riding.• Recognition sessions of the road signs, markings and signalization (various presentations; facilitated discussions; interactive case studies [including with multimedia support]; “quiz”; simulations; demonstrations; ”YES, step forward-NO, step back” etc.) and with safety equipment (optional and compulsory);• practical sessions of bicycle riding and of interacting in safety with the other participants in traffic (moving on the carriageway and in intersections; way out of difficult situations; using of brakes; moving in group, on rain and at night;”tips & tricks”).• experimental sessions of bicycle maintenance and repair. [SVT2]: Public events of promoting bike riding.• on average, 1 public event/month of stage per each mixed team.Event examples which will be developed: ”European Day of Languages” (intercultural night of cyclists); ”World Habitat Day” (“cycle - trips”, more groups of cyclists will explore habitats and new routes, outside Arad Municipality, taking pictures and fulfilling sets of tasks, afterwards, experience exchange between groups); World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims” (multimedia event focusing on cyclist victims and approaches of improved traffic conditions for the cyclists in Arad); ”Santa Riding the Bike” (street animation; group road cycling “elders”+ children + parents); ”Treasure hunt on bicycle”/”Cycle-hunting”;) ”International Mother Earth Day” [SVT3]: Development, testing and promotion of bike routes inside of Lunca Muresului Natural Reservation and inside other zones from the proximity of Arad Municipality (total of 4 routes)• execution/setup of direction/difficulty markings and informative panels; arranging refuges/observation spots (with support of our experts), halts and other components; periodic maintenance actions.• route testing together with the youngsters of cycle-clubs from SVT4 and development of promotional materials for these routes: a) development of a multimedia e-map integrated with resources of photo – video & testimonials & written recommendations of the routes; b) for each route there will be developed an informative brochure (regarding: aspects of difficulty; spots of refuges/stands/observation etc.); c) within 4 publications of LABORATOR ERASMUS e-Magazine (written articles + photo).• route promoting: Mainly regarding the public events from SVT2, in the 4 partner schools and online (social networking, promoters’ websites; e-mailing) [SVT4]: Development of “CYCLOCLUB”-type activities (cyclist clubs) within the 4 partner schools from Arad SVT1-SVT4 were configured so to involve the EVS volunteers in a dynamic intercultural environment, as well as in complete interventions, specific for independent and entrepreneurial thinking, managerial one by: planning/training/achieving/monitoring/evaluating/disseminating learning outcomes/reporting (“learning by doing”). These will develop step-by-step precious “soft” abilities in transition towards a job/an independent free activity/enrollment in new learning programs. Main results of LABORATOR ERASMUS are those of educational factor, they come to meet the learning needs of the EVS volunteers, and also of the target-group from the hosting community in Arad. Educational results will generate long term impact of the project and dissemination measures will have the role of strengthening and expanding this impact. Total duration of the project: 19 month, starting May 2016.



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