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La simulation en santé pour développer un partenariat entre apprenants et professionnels dans la formation médicale et paramédicale
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Resorting to simulation in health has become common use in hospital and training centres. Currently, we observe compartmentalisation in its use in various fields (everyone works with their own objectives) and a lack of tools to assess the impact of the simulation in learning skills required for an optimal care of the patients. This project proposes to work on two original approaches. Firstly, it promotes collaboration between learners and health professionals so that they can work together to the development of simulation scenarios that will benefit both initial training and the improvement of professional practices on the field. Secondly, it investigates the development and validation of simulation scenarios as well as learning achieved and their impact on practices. Concretely, inside a hospital service, learners, in collaboration with professionals of that service, will identify a dominating issue within that service. Students and trainers will work to translate this issue into simulation scenarios paying particular attention to three aspects: documenting the case and solutions proposed through conclusive data (EBN, EBM…), developing clinical judgement and multidisciplinary communication skills. After testing the cases during training, simulation sessions conducted by the students for professionals will help co-build health protocols referenced by conclusive data directly useful to the hospital field. During this process, particular attention will be dedicated to the learning achieved and its impact on professional practices. The project will end with an international symposium to disseminate its results and ensure the durability of the communities to share and analyse practices in health simulation. Such a community made up of health professionals from training institutions, simulation centres and hospital institutions will support the development of skills in health, aiming at lifelong learning.



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