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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our consortium consists of the Town Hall of the city of La Rinconada as Partner Coordinator and by the following vocational training centres: IES San José de la Rinconada, IES Carmen Laffón, IES Miguel de Manara, and IES Antonio Ulloa. The implementation of this proposal has been the result of a deep analysis to determine the training needs of our youngsters. Our main objective is to promote mobilities among students of Intermediate VOcational Training Educational Cycles of the following professional families: Bodywork, Electromechanical Vehicles and Telecommunications Installations (IES san Jose) Administrative Management (IES Carmen Laffón) Aesthetics (IES Miguel de Manara) and Welding and Boiler Making (IES Antonio Ulloa), to complete their training in a professional environment and increase their chances of entering the labour market. The target group is for participants still studying and for recent graduates. The target group is 25 young people aged between 18 and 25 with no previous work experience. The training periods will last for eight weeks and destination countries will be Italy and Portugal. Activities to perform: Analysis of educational and employment situation in our town, identification of needs, launching the proposal and creation of the partnership between the City of Rinconada and the vocational training centres, meetings for the preparation of the proposal, creation of the international network, spreading the proposal to attract interested students, selection of participants, collecting information about the participants and preparing documentation, organization and management of flows, language courses before exit, beginning of the training periods- follow-up-evaluation-completion of the training periods, validation and obtaining the relevant qualifications, collecting documentation, overall project evaluation, justification before the SEPIE, writing final report, impact on employment, dissemination of the results. Expected results and outcomes: Regarding the students participating in the mobilities: Complementing their academic training with an internship in real working conditions; have their first work experience; ; increase their language skills; acquire a profile of versatile skills; learn to use new technologies or work tools, develop their generic skills (autonomy, maturity, observation, reflection and adaptation); know new cultures and social habits; promote interest in continuing education; increase their chances of being employed once the internship is completed. Regarding the consortium members: Offer young people in our town attractive opportunities to complete their training; customizing the educational content to business reality (Intoduction or modification of teaching units) develop programs that encourage new hiring opportunities; reducing unemployment in our town; enhance local, regional, national and international economic development; creation of a local network; creating an international network that will make out town visible; learn new methodologies and working technologies used in companies. Long-term benefits: The long term benefits will be multiplied if this proposal continues in the future with the development of future editions of the program. We hope to strengthen networking and cooperation both locally and transnationally to exchange new ideas and new projects; We hope to further expand the impact of the program calling for a greater number of partners and institutions in future proposals



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