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la Mobilité, une expérience pour tous
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Regional Federation of the MFR in Aquitaine-Limousin in France is a non-profit organisation eyisting in the form of an association. 25 MFR are members of the regional structure which encourages each one to adopt the goal of putting into place actions of European mobility. Our strong points : - A strong experience in the organization of transnational and mobility projects (study visits, exchanges, Comenius and Leonardo) - Working in common between the different people who have the mission of putting into place the different European projects. The continuing education of these same people. - The ability to work in a team with the elected officials of our surroundings. - The desire to succeed and to be able to help the youth who participate in the mobility actions to use these experiences to their advantage. The present document is the result of the long pratical working experience between 19 MFR and a partnership with another organization. This way of working together has permitted each member to build their individual project which included 877 young students. - 648 young students – 2-4 weeks each - 52 apprentices for 3-4 weeks each - 139 Teachers and board members for periods ranging from 3 days to three weeks with the objective of discovering different professional situations. - 8 college level (post-baccalaurean) students for periods ranging from one to twelve months. The group MFR spent 8 days together to put on paper their projects. Each MFR is independent and must have the approval of their board members. These experiences contribute to the professional and cultural adaptability of the participants and will be an advantage in their future work life. The teaching teams learn more Europe today and the different economical situations. The Federation strongly encourages the teachers to experience an immersion in another culture to be able to better understand what the students go through : speaking a foreign language in a foreign country, using public transportation, eating different foods, staying within a budget. The FRMFR exists to guide and support its members. Its missions are the following : - Financial management – Follow-up of the different procedures - Coordination in relation with the project managers (two annual meetings). - Verification of each document sent to the 2E2F Agency. - Guidance in each project stage in relation with the technical committee and those who are responsible for the mobility projects (6-8 meetings each year). - Communication of information concerning the results of each action by the organisation of meetings and the edition of a newsletter “L’Europe Autrement” and information given on the web. Also by organising work groups in relation with the CFA Aquitaine, Communauté de Commune du Ribéracois and the University of Périgueux. The expected outcome at the end of the project : - The use of 100% of the financial grants. If possible a plus of 20%. - The total respect of the quality criteria as defined by the European Quality Charter and the Regional Federation MFR. - 100% completion of the placement reports. - 100% of the participants in possession of a Europass (signed and completed). - Organisation of 10 days of training for those who are inchange of the mobility projects with, hopefully, 80% participation. - A report presented by the participants to the board of directors (school council) concerning their experience. - The organisation of a regional event to give information to a large audience concerning the different projects. - Edition of 8 newsletters “L’Europe Autrement” over the next two years. On a long term basis we want to : - Maintain and improve the quality of these projects by fixing our priorities : better preparing our students, giving importance to their experiences ant the professional aspects and making them more active in assuming the responsibility of their projects of mobility (projet stratégique V.A N°2). - Developping official recognition of the enterprises who host by the obtention of a label. - Encourage university (after bac) level mobility. - Assume the continuing education of the persons who have the responsibility of the projects (in collaboration with our Centre National Pédagogique à CHAINGY, France) also by immersion in the world of business and enterprise for a period ranging from 2 to 14 days.



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