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La mobilité européenne : un facteur d’épanouissement personnel et un atout vers l’insertion professionnelle
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Claude Garamont vocational high school is located in Colombes in the surburb of Paris. This school is specialized in graphic industries (the graphic chain). This high school includes a European section (visual Arts section) this section demands more and more smartering of English. It also requires a better cultural background to reinforce new ways of communication. Besides our students must adapt to a changing globalized world and enhance their CVs with professionnal experiences outside France. All this will enable them to improve their skills in many ways. Educationnal goals will also be achieve through a training period within the European community. In the European section students have the benefit of 2 extra hours for their English course. That also includes English courses for the visual Arts. They regularly participate in eTwinning projects with other European countries. These activities enable students to get involved through different tasks such as brainstorming and multicultural inter-activity. They also went to London for 5 days and discovered British artists in several Museums and observed graphic design through their visits of different shops such as Harrods, Liberty’s … in which they were asked to sketch typographies, packagings, logos… Back in France, their different graphic investigations have been used in a graphic design project in co-animated courses (economics and graphic design for instance). This project initiated in April 2014 took several months (from April till October 2014). Their participation and investment in those different situations are significant indicators to help us select the 8 participants of this European section. Nevertheless, all the students of European section (24) had to show their involvement by undergoing a motivation test in order to determin who was ready for an intership abroad of 5 weeks in 2016. For those who are concerned, this motivation test and a contract between the Lycée and the family has been signed. The fist week of their training period will take place at the Lycée Garamont, in France but all in English. Different workshops will be organized : - English and Irish culture workshop ; - visual culture worshop ; - graphic design workshop ; - writing and brainstorming worshop ; - computer worshops They will be linked to visits or extra activities such as going to amovie, theater, visit of institutional organisation, or a Museum, an art gallery (all in English of course). The five following weeks will be dedicated to the intership. Our students will collect texts (notes about what they were asked to do and what they did, interviews, visuels, drawings… in order to create a printable document of the report of their intership. What have they possibly done during this intership ? - design of a logotype, a picto - design of a packaging, - realize an illustration - use several softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in order to make printable documents (flyers, brochures, posters…) A sketchbook is recommended and will be filled with drawings, sketches, notes concerning personal discoveries in Cork (people, monuments, traditions…) Teachers in charge will be a permanent contact with the organized to give advise concerning the placement of our students. Contracts with partners will be made in 3 copies (with approval and signature). Two teachers will be on the spot to install our students on the first week and to assess them during the last week of the training period. We assume that positive results will be reached during this period such as a better fluency in English, the European dimension linked to their diploma, a new motivation for further studies (Univesity, BTS…) and a consciousness of being part of Europe. We do think that our project is an undeniable asset for the students to be more responsible in many ways. Self involvement abroad is the challenge of the whole thing. This first contact with our euro-partner will enable us to improve our educationnal schemes in the near future. In the long run, participants will be able to have a real professionnal involvement. Our student belong to a priority schooling area so the challenge is all the more interesting and accurate.



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