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La mobilité européenne au service de la lutte contre le décrochage scolaire.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In answer to the difficult context in which evolves Roland Garros High School of Toulouse (background of the students, economic crisis and difficulty to find a job in the local area, poor success rate at the terminal exams, youth leaving school without finalizing their courses, quick evolution of the professional skills....) the teaching staff involved in this project decided 6 years ago to build an efficient partnership with the High Schools from Zaragossa, in Spain which has been and remains very successful and attractive. This partnership, focused on the exchange of practices and experiences, facilitates the implementation of projects of mobility aimed at the classes of professional high school diploma Management Administration. Its renewal will strengthen the links already existing between the first partners and allow the creation of a new collaboration with new partner (mobility of the staffs). These mobility projects aims at allowing 24 pupils of these sections of Management Administration, to make one of their training period (5 to 6 weeks) in a Spanish organization in Saragossa. This mobility is possible thanks to the sustainability of partnerships set up with three high schools of this city. The updating of this professional high school diploma, which was implemented 3 years ago, emphasized the evolution of the job towards a higher versatility and an increased autonomy of the graduates. The experience of mobility allows participants to acquire those indispensable qualities. The already evaluated impacts following with this experience of the mobilities led during the past six years, proves that such projects allow a quick improvement of the efficiency of the learning of the participants, the improvement of the empowerment and the self-respect, which is clearly lacking to most of the pupils of our high school as well as an improvement of the skills in foreign languages translated by the obtaining of the European mention in the high school diploma. The long term expected advantages are an appreciation of Roland Garros high school's image, which will improve its attractiveness and avoid the early school leaving by reducing the school inequalities through the building of ambitious and coherent routes, mobilizing human resources of the various partners and establishing a school climate favorable to the success. These various objectives being part of the 2014-2017 project academic .



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