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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Canary Islands is an ultra-peripheral region. (Lisboa Treaty, art. 349 and 355, E.U.).This circumstance makes mobility programmes a real necessity to supply shortcomings of these territories.This condition, added to an unprecedented economical national crisis in Spain has hindered the access to job posts, and its consolidation.Erasmus Programmes development has achieved to project, in an international scope the Higher Technician and Technician diplomas. Thus, a wider number of opportunities will be provided.Form teaching point of view, comparisons and assets with others partners can enrich learning ways.La Minilla High School participates already in two other European Programmes. These are for Secondary Education and Higher Technician training. It is coherent to become in an Erasmus integrated school for all educational and training paths.Main aim is to get the final training phases international. Therefore, lack of insularity and distance can be balance out. Access to same opportunities will be allowed, no matter any condition.Participants in this Programme will be:Students in Vocational Educational and Training for AestheticsStudents in Vocational Educational and Training for Dressmaking and FashionTo carry out this project, a work plan will be scheduled:1st Stage: Documentation preparing and management2nd Stage: Selection of candidates3rd Stage: Mobilitytool development4th Stage: Students instructions and language training5th Stage: Management of movilities6th Stage: Data collect; final report and evaluationMethodoly is submitted to stages. First ones require of several preparing meetings: School Council; partners, students and teachers.Next ones involve the Mobilitytool, which is to manage and monitor all Programme aspects : students sending; monitoring trainings and students.Final stage will layout in a brief where all data; experiences and assets will be included.Results of this experience are linked to mince the ultra-peripheral condition in Canary Islands. Project has been used as a tool to improve new job opportunities.To improve quality in education in Vocational Training and Higher education means to increase job access. To get an training period overseas gives a European dimension of Vocational Training Education at school.Experience of these students will modify perspective about European meaning without being ultra-peripheral conditioned.Partners have made this possible to accept students to finish their training in other countries.New alliances development could be possible and entrepreneurs and education institutions can be coming together.We expect to increase visibility of Mobility Programmes in Vocational and Training and Higher Education in Canary Islands. Exchanging experiences could encourage others to submits these programmes in order to supply more job opportunities and to be “less” ultra-peripheral



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