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La mejora del sistema educativo a través de nuevos instrumentos y herramientas motivadoras y la mejora de la metodología en la enseñanza a través de lenguas extranjeras.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project ¨The improvement of the education system through new instruments and motivational tools and the improvement of teaching methodology through foreign languages¨ looks to improve the quality of the faculty in IES Sierra de Mijas and turn it into a real learning center environment by the guidelines set by EU politicians. IES Sierra de Mijas is a public institution for Secondary Education in Andalusia, it is located in Las Lagunas which is part of Mijas, an environment with a clear international diversity where tourism in the main economic industry. Currently, the school is immersed in a process of expanding the bilingual program and making a change in teaching methodology that will be more communicative, collaborative, practical, and creative, through which they can improve the quality of the education system. In agreement with these needs, we propose an Erasmus+ project that meets the following the objectives: • Improves the linguistic competence in English of the faculty and their international diversity. • Observation and reflection of other education systems and comparative analysis with the current education system of the school. • Work on projects, workshops and social activities that ensure collaborative teaching throughout different structured courses that were requested. • Immersion in a multi-cultural environment through the participation in the training with people from different countries and reflecting about multi-cultural learning. • Discovery of other tools, use of technology and application of resources from our daily lives as the main elements in our learning process. • Acquisition of new ideas to use with CLIL in the classroom. The ten participants in the program have been selected through a clear and obvious process. All of them are teachers with a general need to improve their linguistic competence and increase their multi-cultural awareness; and with the specific needs of acquiring new CLIL strategies, new uses of TIC or new focuses on methodology. To reach these goals we have outlined training of two types: • Period of observation in a Swedish school with daily participation in educational activities for themselves. • Structured, themed, courses: teaching English, CLIL methodology, new use of TIC, other methodologies, use of diversity as enrichment… In general, with mobility, teachers are going to acquire a variety of teaching methods, abilities, and attitudes in a multi-cultural context with direct application to real-life and academic situations. In addition, through the stay and observation period, the participants will improve their English competence and their knowledge of the use of TIC in the classroom, they will learn new CLIL strategies and they will get to know new resources to encourage more participative and meaningful learning, with a higher motivation towards mobility, cultural enrichment, and the European aspects. The knowledge and experience acquired will have a very positive impact on our school, helping to improve our academic results and reduce neglected students and strengthen the motivation towards the students´ learning. But the impact won’t only be seen by the students and the school, but rather it will benefit the entire educational community.



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