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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Culinary students from the second and the third class of Vocational School in Rybnik from Zakład Doskonalenia Zawodowego in Katowice will take part in the project. Three weeks of practice have been planned for a group of 16 students under the supervision of 2 teachers. These students have never had an opportunity to go on vocational training abroad and they have never experienced any additional forms of education abroad as well. Currently, graduates of Vocational School are well trained in a theoretical way, however when it comes to using their knowledge in practice, it often turns out that they have low self-confidence and lack of professional customer service skills. After graduating, students plan to start their own business activity in a wide range of areas within food industry e.g. restaurants, fast food restaurants, catering services etc. We would like our students to gain additional skills, which will enable them to do gastronomic services on as high level as possible, to have a fluency in communicating in a foreign language, to use modern techniques in the gastronomy area. The vocational training abroad is a chance for our students for improving their professional skills and gaining new experiences. By the description of qualifications with the consideration of universal standards, the training abroad will increase their mobility on the job market. The project fulfills also the need of getting to know new cultures, customs and languages, building an openness to new situations, gaining new life experiences and acquiring the ability to deal with difficult situations in unusual circumstances. Nowadays, it is necessary to develop and master skills and qualifications, also by the improvement of the educational process. The accomplishment of the project gives an opportunity for developing vocational skills and broadening the scope of practice. It also gives a chance to compare the system and the level of education of domestic and foreign educational institutions. Having conversations about the program of the vocational practice, monitoring and the evaluation of the project will be an occasion for the reflection and improving methods or forms of the school work. The participants of the practice will be confronted with a different system of practical training, which will have an influence on their creativity development and the ability to deal with new or unexpected situations. The certificates, confirmation and description of gained skills will have positive impact on self-esteem in participants of the project. The language skills are essential to move freely in the foreign country, but also necessary in communicating with foreigners in Poland. Taking part in the practice abroad will help to achieve it. The main goal of the project is to increase and improve vocational skills, what will contribute to development of professional abilities, give the possibility to use new solutions in the future workplace and will make starting own gastronomy business easier. The specific objectives are: extension of basic curriculum on extra-curricular activities which are beyond the basic school curriculum – preparing Italian dishes, gaining the ability to make Italian starters, main courses, desserts, making proper selection of the ingredients, the ability to serve Italian food properly (preparation of tableware, cutlery, selection of glasses, the proper selection of wines etc.), learning the basics of Italian language, increasing the chances of getting a job in Poland and Europe, development of entrepreneurship features which make starting own business easier, boosting self-confidence by work in international environment, breaking the language barrier and cross-cultural differences, coping in stressful situations and ensuring the possibility of completion of European plan of school development. The expected results: gaining new vocational skills such as using modern equipment and utensils, improving the level of technical knowledge, learning and making traditional Italian dishes, also obtaining the certificates of taking part in foreign practice and obtaining the certificate confirming language and cultural preparation.

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