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L'Europe à ta porte
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Concordia is well known for its volunteering experiences and international mobility projects. This EVS project will take place in Picardie’s regional office, in Amiens. In continuity with others EVS projects, we want to continue accompanying youth initiative actions developping mobility linked with our values. We are working every day with young people, they have very different profiles : young people called « classical » and young people with fewer opportunities who can benefit for a reinforced tutoring. To guarantee volunteers' well-being, we will be able to host two volunteers for a long term EVS project (7 months). His/her motivation and commitment to participate to this EVS project will be the only criteria of recruitment. Both EVS volunteers will participate to our associative life :- support to the associative life- Setting up of events around the regional office and in connection with the other volunteers- Setting up of promotion action about ERASMUS + program and the EVS - Support to the realization of news European projects as youth exchanges- Support the team in information, animation and communication topics Volunteers could participate to training course as facilitator training organized by Concordia and they could support the animation team during the international workcamps. They will have the chance to bring : - Their ideas, experiences and view of Europe- Their cultural dimension, dynamism and openness to mobility - They will allow us to develop solidarity and comprehension by creating social link between different public : young and old, young volunteers, young home-grown They will have the opportunity to learn : - New social, linguistic, administrative, professional, personal competencies - A global knowledge of european mobility and functioning of international workcamps- Community life, team work, exchange of ideas, conflict management, adaptability...At the beginning of the project, volunteers will have information about the educative project of Concordia, its values and principles. In connection with the tutor, they will be accompanied on their missions, objectives and personal project. They will also be supported by the other volunteers in Concordia. For Concordia, hosting European volunteers has a major role in the regional office. They are « emissaries » to relate and describe their European volunteering experience to local community. They bring their know-how, their expertise, another culture and also another language. Beyond, they are giving a good example to the youngsters interested by such experience and can give them advice by answering them. This project is a good opportunity to share different point of view and new ideas with the volunteer. This exchanges also are enriching for our team and allow to create links between different actors. According to us, hosting a young European volunteer encourages the inter-european dialogue, as well as a better comprehension and a better integration between people.



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