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Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since our Childhood we had some difficulties about our origins. We are belgian with foreign identity and we have constated that we were in lack of landmark. In one hand we had a maroccan and turkish culture and in the other hand a belgian education. We definitely think that's a wealth and this is why we worked hard for an understanding in the neighbourhood whatever their origins, their social environment or their education. We love our neighbourhood that is Saint-Josse and his place around. We recently we notices a community folds with the new generation. This is why our goals would be to show them that an gathering with all the people, no matter his origins or beliefs, is possible. We want these 10 young people to visit another neighbourhood in another country. This why we contacted a community health in the ghetto in Strasbourg.The key of the program will be to create a mini documentary by ourself of the neighborhood and the kids in Strasbourg will do the same. This documentary would be a little investigation on the around, interview of the people living there, how they levy the city and how do they live together. This young people from Brussels come from a tough neighborhood, some of them can't handle in school. We would like to give them a chance to break their daily routine that consist mostly to "chill around". So we will try to inculcate them values, self responsibilities, live together for them to learn how to be judge by his own values.Aftermath, the travel will last 9 days, we will be 13 people and we'll go to Strasbourg where we will be welcome by this community health. We will meet all this kids and counselors. We will watch the documentaries, see the opinions of all the young people there, create some debate, ask them of they see the future. We would like to visit their neighborhood, make activities such as visit the cathedrals, churches. Go to the city.We would like to see in the future, young people that likes their neighborhood, that accept others, in spite of their differences our beliefs. We'd like to see a bright future et not a lack of estimate of themselves only because their wealth is less than other people, we would be glad to that this kids understand the chance they have to live in Belgium and it's not always better elsewhere. Each people has to be self motivated and struggle for a better future and that a live in community settle down in tough neighborhood.



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