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"L'Atlas des préjugés" ou caricaturer les clichés pour mieux les tordre
Date du début: 5 juin 2015, Date de fin: 4 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This original project, entitled “The Atlas of prejudices” or to caricature stereotypes in order to overcome them, groups Spanish, German, English and French partners. This project wants to show to youth the importance of freedom of expression, commitment to society and duty to tackle stereotypes. To achieve this goal, we realize together an Atlas of prejudices, which is an electronic book including common beliefs about EU countries, their inhabitants and traditions. Then, we discuss and try to find the origin and the nature of theses stereotypes in order to overcome them. It is a very important work of demystification. After that, each group (according the partners) draws a map, illustrating stereotypes of each country. We compare the maps which enables to be conscious of it. The aim of this work is to strengthen European citizens' sense of belonging to Europe and to promote a sense of European identity by improving knowledge of Europe countries amoung young people and combating prejudices. The closing night is a theatrical presentation of these stereotypes. We caricature our European neighbours to show in a humorous way how stereotypes need to be overcome in order to live all together.



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