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L'art de la différence universelle
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aims to involve 35 young participants in order to promote mutual understanding and solidarity through theater. These young participants have difficulties to get out of their neighborhood even if they recognize that their immediate environment is poor in animation, with very few shops. They constantly feel the need to see themselves through the home group (districts or cultural). The vast majority is failing at school or school break, and some are for employability in a situation. Families are often single-parent or recomposed type. A large part of them is in a precarious situation with the "Active Solidarity Income" as the only resource. The problem of mobility is also very present.The exchange will facilitate the meeting of young people from different socio-economic backgrounds to bear on intercultural provoking reflection on oneself and the world. We want to develop intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding, tolerance, mutual respect, solidarity of young people from different countries and backgrounds. We wish to bring to the participation of a group project implementing their creative abilities. We want to allow a group of young people from different countries to work together on an artistic and cultural project. This will allow to live a common adventure creation, practical understanding what makes their differences and at the same time, which makes them be common security holders to fight against all forms of rejection and discrimination. Through this project we want to revitalize intercultural links. We want from this business, reflect the cultural diversity and European citizenship! Participants will ride a play together for 10 days to better combat discrimination, fear of others, tolerance and promote interculturalism.European citizenship will be addressed through all activities and this will pass intercultural barriers. We believe that the theatrical space could be a shared space where they can share experiences, feelings and traditions. All activities will be implemented through non-formal education methods. The working methods will be totally non-formal, or rather learning by doing. This way of working with participants stimulate another important thing: nonverbal communication also able to pass the language barriers. At the end of the exchange the young participants will perform a play in front of the local population who will benefit from this experience and in order to broaden the impact of our exchange.This project will pilot movies ( created by youth) online to allow others ( Youth associations, social centers .. ) to benefit from this experience. Gateway will play a fundamental role in the dissemination activities. The challenge for the experiment is to succeed in capturing an audience who have never had experience of international mobility through existing devices, but also to develop accompanying measures suited to mark the different stages and secure youth in their efforts.



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