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L'alternance : une articulation école entreprise
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the context of youth training, the objectives of technical and vocational education of the Province de Liege school network are to prepare the students to be good technicians and good specialists, able to fit into the labor market and to meet the needs of business and to enjoy themselves as responsible citizens. To do this, all technical and vocational studies include training periods in their fields of work. In this context, one of the development areas of the Province de Liege school network is to develop a quality school-company axe: harmonization of proposals, visibility of structures, creating closer ties with the company. This project aims to improve the quality and organization of offered training placements : a successful business-school alternation, a quality supervision by vocational teachers and by a company tutor and a better communication with these companies. In the longer term, this aims at the development of a real exchange system of expertise between schools and businesses, whose main purpose is continuing training and exchange of material and technical expertise. The staff members, whether teachers or not, concerned by these mobilities with learning purposes will have the opportunity of making three days of observation missions in each partner country. The project will be spread over two years. This project will enable the Management of the Province de Liege school network to give an added value to these trainings through a proposal for training abroad. The Management of the Province de Liege school network is willing to integrate this approach through a long-term project-specific regarding a quality school-company axe. This project will enable the Province de Liege to position themselves as quality education agents in Europe. And thus, they will improve even more the quality of their teaching to their students, thereby ensuring them a better employability



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