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Kwaliteitsborging met ECVET : de docenten aan zet!
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

General objectives : The project is focused on Quality Assurance and validation if Learning Outcomes n the framework of EQF en ECVET. The teachers play a crucial role in this proces. In order to get a good description of Learning Outcomes and Learning units for students, it will be necessary the communicatie intensively with the partner institutions for sharing and exchanging information on curricula en methods. On the other hand, our goal remains to increase the number of mobilities of students throughout Europe. We want to create more awareness of the global impact and of the European values and to make them realize that a united Europe and a good cooperation between the member states are crucial for the economic development in Europe. We aim at offering challenging education and we look for possibilities for designing programmes for Excellent students but also for developing the talents of our students with a social lower background and to offer them a life changing experience. More specifically : 1. The teachers will make arrangements with partners institutions abroad for describing Learning outcomes and Learning Units within the framework of EQF and ECVET by comparing curricula and exchanging information and good practices. 2. An increased activity of school staff training in structured courses and jobshadowing to support their professional development and their language skills. Guestlecturing of teachers at a partner school abroad. This also includes supervisors of our regional enterprises providing training at a VET institute or company. 3. Expansion of the number of mobilities of other educational courses within Friesland College by adapting the curriculum and redesigning the time period of the work placements in order to enable students to do their internship abroad. 4. level 2 students, lower qualified and with a low social background living will participate in this project in order to strenghten their employability and transition to the labour market. 5. the quality of workplacements. The standard will be kept high by using solid and renomated training companies, by consulting the Dutch recognition organisations, the intermediate organisations in the host country, the network of our educational partners abroad and by using the European instruments for the agreements on content, monitoring, validation, recognition and evaluation. 6. More focus on subjects as Quality assurance, Excellence programme, sustainable energy, watertechnology, social entrepreneurship and healthy Ageing. 7. Leeuwarden as Capital of Culture 2018 , together with Malta Valletta 2018 will be a major theme within the international activiteiten in the years to come. Mobility projects have a hugh impact on the personal and professional development of students and teachers by working in a different context, using different methods and foreign languages. They have a better understanding of the advantages of a European cooperation. In this call we will pay attention to the development of a programme for excellence as stated by the Minister of Education in order to develop the talents of our students from all 4 levels . Exchange of knowledge and good practices and the comparison of curricula have a positive and enriching impact on Friesland College and its partners abroad. New methods are explored and shared amongst our regional and international partners. Quality assurance and validation of Learning outcomes are in our scope of attention. This project will also give an impulse to new KA2 projects in the future. The experience abroad offers more perspective on the labour market in the region, especially for our level 1 and 2 students. The methods and activities are described in the Policy Document for Internationalisation 2015 - 2018 (annex) Number of participating students : 118 Number of participating teachers and staff : 45. This is a considerable n increase of mobilities. Especially our professionals will play an important role in the recognition of ECVET and EQF.

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