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Kursbuch Zukunft - Entwicklung zukunftsfähiger Lebensstile
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project: "Course book future - development of sustainable lifestyles" Schools are to prepare children and young people to deal with the pressing questions of the future, such the effects of climate change, the changing nature of work, the development of the European Idea and the issues of justice between generations or the increasing loss of species. In the frame of general teaching at the schools discussing these elementary challenges is rarely or only insufficiently possible. As part of the strategic partnership between the school Scoala Gimnaziala in Sf. Gheorghe in the Danube Delta (Romania) and high school Salzhausen at the edge of the North Heide (Germany) a "Course book Future" will be created which will deal with the development of sustainable lifestyles. This product will be the fresult of an exchange on the professional level between teachers and also of students of the partner schools. The project will be supported by with the support of multipliers for ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) and other educational partners of environmental education in the regions. The course book supports the students personally to develop sustainable lifestyles in terms of professional orientation, sustainable resource use, conservation of biodiversity and a healthy lifestyle. It will also be used in the regions themselves to further sustainable development. The results are consistently incorporated into formal education as well as into quality development in schools. The course book is created, both in printed form and made publicly accessible through a website. In addition to the course book accompanying materials are created that can be used for your own implementation of the chosen methods. The course book will be used in training and workshops and there will be no restrictions in the use of the book and the materials. As methods for knowledge generation qualified interviews will be performed by the students. In order to involve the communities, local businesses and organizations to participate in the development of sustainable lifestyles, regional future conferences are held. All phases of the project are communicated via the e-twinning platform. In addition to the creation of the course book the project will support understanding between the European peoples by opening our eyes to the potential of the European neighbors and thus contributes to a peaceful living. The acquisition and consolidation of foreign language skills are particularly supportes as the project language is English. Activities such as project meetings of experts to prepare as well as for follow-up and evaluation of the project will be carried out. With the participation of students from both schools, the project activities will be carried out regularly via e-twinning but also during two exchange visits of a total of about 16 students and accompanying teachers. In all phases the cooperating partners of the schools will be included. It is expected that the partner schools and their cooperating educational institutions and local and regional businesses feel more intensely committed to the development of sustainable lifestyles in terms of sustainable development. It is also expected that teachers, responsible representatives of the partners and the communities use the course book for the development of necessary competences of adolescents to be flexible and sensitive to the pressing questions of the future and generate sustainable solutions.



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