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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

I ACTIVITY. VET LEARNERS TRAINEESHIPS IN COMPANIES ABROAD The Project will provide practice placements for the 2nd year Navigation and Ship Engineering specialty students of Latvian Maritime Academy’s Maritime Vocational School. Place of practice: yacht ports and shipyards in Valencia, Spain (1st flow) and Malta (2nd flow) . Both Spain and Malta is a good place to implement this project as there are plenty of yacht ports and shipyards with a shortage of manpower especially in the summer period. Meanwhile in Latvia it is very difficult to find an appropriate placement for this kind of practice. Reasons: selective higher class private business sector, which won't employ underage unexperienced students; weather conditions inappropriate for sailing. Practice placements give our students an excellent opportunity to obtain an international experience – not only professionally, but also to widen their horizons culturally and improve their communication skills with entrepreneurs and co-workers. All the skills are reflected in the EUROPASS certificate, which is a good help in their future career. Hands-on participation in the small and medium size enterprises work will enhance our students' future perspectives as an entrepreneurs in Latvia. Planned time of the practical implementation of the project: June - July, 2016 Number of participants total 20, divided in 2 flows: 10 participants each flow. Total time of practice for each flow 30 days. For accompanying person 14 days. Aims of the project: 1. To provide practice placements in yacht rigging and ship repair jobs; 2. To obtain the necessary professional skills; 3. To widen the cultural horizons and obtain international experience; 4. Motivate students to learn the Spanish language; 5. To raise students competitiveness in the labor market; 6. Raise school's prestige and students motivation to study and take an active position in life. Planned activities: 1. Language course (only in Spain) - necessary to reduce the possible cultural shock and encourage the youngsters to speak Spanish. 2. Cultural visits- guided tours to remarkable places of the vicinity, museums, local food markets e.t.c. 3. Professional visits to the similar profile schools and companies. 4. Work placements II ACTIVITY. STAFF TRAINING The welding teacher, International project coordinator and School principal will go to Klaipeda Ship Building and Repairing School for participating in the Welding seminar, exchanging experiences, learn the training methods, plan future cooperation. Aims of the mobility: 1) learn the new technologies and training methods; 2)improve the learning outcomes in welding workshops; 3) work in compliance with the employee's requirements; 4) enhance the school's capacity and international cooperation; 5) develop new projects together. III ACTIVITY. TEACHING / TRAINING ASSIGNMENTS ABROAD Maritime English teacher will give 10 specialized terminology lessons for Marine Engineers in Klaipeda Ship Building and Repairing School. Klaipedas colleagues will learn the methods and obtain course materials. Students will learn terminology. The teacher will test her elaborated course materials in international environment.



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