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Kültürün Üç Boyutlu Hali (KÜB)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Sculpture forms an important branch of fine arts.This art is an integrated part of daily life.Art Education affects human’s self improvement in every way.Education systems which are important in human’s improvement ,are developed end changed in the course of time according to needs.Thus, it’s needed that teachers who trains art education must develop themselves in terms of new formations and technology. The vision of our school is to be a scool which covides student’s personal skills and by this way making them informed and skillful make those students as cultured people who lives and produces for their society protects his own future and country. New projects are needed in order to increase our school’s educational quality, imprave the quality of students and to increase occupational adequateress of those who performs education programmes.İn this direction aproject team is constituted. The aim of this Project is to enable to improve the occupational adequateress of art teachers.Within this scope the aim is to learn the methods of sculpture workshop and be able to recognize the equipment and advanced technology being used, to analyze sample workplaces for performing in Fine Art High School and to analyze the sculpture studies in the class and practise them. This Project is prepared with the aim of developing the accupational adequateress of the art teachers of Düzce Fine Art High School three dimensional art atelier Works to provicle improvencent on technologacal skills related the branch, and also to make the attenders to learn to use their gain effectively on education within this the occupational adequatres of art teachers are to be developed.Besides the advanced technology and equipments will be able to recognized. A manager ,and three teacher from fine art high school will join the educations.The total number of participont is 4.The participonts are the staff who Works on art.Education will be done on education activity.And tracking and evaluation will be done dwing the education.After the Project evaluation and activities of dissemination will be done. This education is intended to improve various skills of participants on sculpture.Within the scope of education the participants who wants to improve their skills of effective and productive usage on educational activities will visit the workshop or institution which carry out sculpture.They will join a workshop of any chosen sculpture artist and interview with him.They will also visit galleries and museums having samples on this branch.The selling offices will be visited with the aim of studying current advanced sculpture building equipments and information will be got from these places.Museum visits,,observations ,researches ,interviews ,the ways of practice will be carried out during the training. After the training,the participants are to prepare a report of output in a month.Partners are to publish on the reports about the results of project on their own websites. There will be a meeting of sharing and briefing for the teachers who works in the region of Düzce Fine Arts High School. Besides an informing brochure is to be prepared.The report of the project is to be brought out on e-twinning.There is to be a presentation related sharing the content of the project to the students of Düzce Fine Arts High School. The participants working on the project will increase their knowledge on the techniques ,applications and samples on sculpture and get new skills.The participants are those who works on developing quality in their foundation .The participants will increase their experince and knowledge on sculpture and get new abilities in collaboration with experienced trainers. They will be able to analyze what they will use on 3-dimensional art workshop by practical works and visual studies. The participants will be able to learn sculpture technology and applications,,related equipments,techniques; have experience on sample works and by this way have chance to improve their personal skills on this field. During the training ,the participants will be able to learn new techniques and new methods on sculpture and observe good workshops.Their acquisition will contribute the tuition of three dimensional art classes in their foundation and cooperation with their colleagues.It‘ll also contribute the perspective of art teachers working in Düzce in positive way in dissemination activities.It will be shared in fine art high schools around Turkey and collaboration will be supplied with The European Community. The techniques and applications of sculpture partaking in this project will clear the way for planning new projects on different art fields such as music,theatre ,art,etc with the collaboration with European Community by taking samples of studies being done .It will also increase the motivation of art teachers for this kind of projects.