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Külalisõpetajana Austrias
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Teacher participation in the project will be possible thanks to the programme of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science, and the Austrian Ministry of Education (BMBF). The project will take place on 15 -28 November 2015. In the first week the teacher is visiting different schools in Vienna where the teacher will examine the Austrian school system. In the second week of the project the Ministry determines in which school the teacher's work takes place. In this school the teacher is able to visit a variety of lessons. The teacher gives also lessons at the school according to the school's request. The lesson's content will introduce our school, Estonian geography, history, culture and language. Objectives of the project: 1. Meeting with colleagues from the European countries (Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia), to establish contacts 2. Opportunity to share previous working experience 3. Gathering more information about Austrian school system 4. Tracking school lessons: teacher student collaboration in foreign language lessons, different teaching methodologies 5. Students' motivation, activity in lessons 6. Collecting information regarding the Austrian school grading system and testing methods 7. Getting know Austrian culture, traditions and everyday life. 8. Establishing contacts with students who are interested in communicating with students in Estonia. Preparation for this Project started in February 2015 with establishment of the goals. Teacher activities and objectives are agreed upon in accordance with the host school. The teachers have been instructed to establish contacts with teachers of different subjects, in order to understand their teaching methodologies. The participating teacher will complement their knowledge of pedagogy and methodology and the project result will be cooperation between Austrian and Estonian students in different projects. After participation in the project the teacher will share her experience in the provincial seminars for teachers of German, and also in parents' general meetings. It is important to showcase the Austrian school system's strengths and weaknesses so that we could learn from them and propose ideas which would work better in our school system. It is necessary to publish an article in the local newspaper Võrumaa Teataja and on the school homepage, to share all valuable information for the Estonian education system.