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Date du début: 10 août 2016, Date de fin: 9 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

KROMATIKON is a youth mobility project, EVS type, that contains 2 activities (mobilities/group stages) hosted in Craiova/Romania. The coordination of the project will be ensured by Asociatia Nationala de Dezvoltare Continua a Tineretului din Romania (ANDCTR), PIC Code: 949131033The objectives of the project:1. The 12 EVS volunteers from Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Estonia, Turkey and Italy will develop, until the end of the 6 months stages of KROMATIKON hosted in Craiova/Romania, social/civic and intercultural competencies, useful for a dynamic and more active life style. 2. Until the end of the 12 months of activities of KROMATIKON, 1200 young people from Craiova/Romania, will be more open minded in adopting, according to the case, reading, good manners and volunteering as an own life style. The sending associations are:A1 (01.11.2016 - 01.05.2017): - A.C. EUROACCION Murcia (Spain), PIC Code: 949379256 - Zdruzenie na studenti po pravo i mladi pravnici Pavel Satev Kocani (Macedonia), PIC Code: 949584411 - Jump In (Italy), PIC Code: 948748271 A2 (01.06.2017 - 01.12.2017): - Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia), PIC Code: 949339680 - ProAtlantico (Portugal), PIC Code: 950489033 - Active Youth And Sport Club Association (Turkey), PIC Code: 948303623Each of these SO will send 2 EVS volunteers (1M+1F)The total duration of the project: 10th of August 2016 – 9th of February 2018The volunteers will develop, step-by-step, competencies that will meet the needs identified, by being involved in the following volunteering tasks:[SV1]Actions of promoting books readingIn both of the group stages the volunteers will develop creative public events for promoting books reading. We will offer below some examples of public events: (a)”Book Delivery Events”(inspired by “Street Delivery” events), consisting in stands of ”creative writing” type(including “asemic writing”/”collage writing”);(b)”Open books days”: picnics of books readers organized in Romanescu Park and books exchange event;(c) Gather books for the library of Beethoven Technologic High School from Craiova and also for the County Library;(d) “Living library” events where the books authors will become books;(e) “Readathon” type events: books reading competitions, with online control questionnaire, and the correct answers will brings points that will be transformed in sales and awards in shops with role of sponsors (in March 2017, for the Global Book Day); (f)” Nights books addicted”: will be organized during 22:00-06:00 time, in a pub or a bar in Craiova, the participants having the opportunity to read and discuss about the books, with different guests from which some will be authors. [SV2[Good manners schoolThe volunteers will develop, in 2 mixt teams, interactive workshops for good manners as: behavior at the theatre, in the restaurant, on the street, in the taxi, at shopping; dress code and greetings; guests and host; behavior while eating; conversation art; etc. The volunteers will prepare the design for workshops, the rooms and needed resources, will promote the workshops/recruit participants, will facilitate/evaluate/create the intern reports, The volunteers will use, in relationship with target groups: demonstrations, role games, simulations, study visits, documentaries (for example at the theatre), case studies (with audio-video support), etc. [SV3] EVS CARAVANThe EVS volunteers, organized in mixt groups will develop promotional events for international volunteering opportunities among young people from Dolj county (from rural area and strongly ruralized, including also peripheral areas from Craiova City). The events will have an non-formal character and will be focused on:- getting familiarized with EVS frame- developing mini local volunteering activities as demonstrative actions- Effective registering of young people in a public data base, accessible by EVS accredited organisations that wish to recruit youngsters from Romania for EVS stages. The events will have the format of an “intercultural caravan” (interactive presentations; quiz; dance; music), EVS volunteers will: divide the tasks, establish the teams and the “caravan’s calendar”, do the design for each event, create the support-materials for presentations, will promote the actions among target groups and among the local information multipliers, and in the end will implement the actions/activities.



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