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Kreativ, integrativ, multikulturell (KIM)
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Erasmus mobility project + KIM (creative, integrative, multi-cultural) of the Adult Education Centre “Volkshochschule Olching” with a term of two years is the answer to the growing demands and challenges that teachers and administrative staff in adult education are facing. With the help of targeted training courses in other European countries, the skills of the participants will improve and widen with respect to: • Updating of teaching methods • Dealing with newest IT tools • Intercultural Communication • creativity and broadness • culture, customs and traditions in Europe • application of evaluation instruments for non-formal learning. 32 mobilities for administrative staff, managers and staff from various departments are planned to be carried out in cooperation with experienced institutions. Partners from previous Grundtvig Learning Partnerships offer our participants customized demand-driven training courses. The support of participants and the project implementation are assumed by the EU team of the Adult Education Centre Olching and managers in partner institutions. It is expected that the variety of approaches to teaching has a positive influence on the motivation for learning, and that thanks to intensified intercultural skills teachers will show still more understanding and empathy with students (especially in courses for people from other countries such as migrants and asylum seekers). In addition, as long term gain, the courses offered by the Adult Education Centre Olching will grow in popularity, winsomeness, up-to-dateness and quality because of the implementation of creative skills and ideas acquired abroad.



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