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Korupcja - Wszyscy Tracimy!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Young people want to be counted with their opinion, they want their proposals for solving key problems to be taken into account. In a study of youth unemployment was identified as the biggest problem (60%), and right on the second corruption (38%). This is still a problem, young people do not know how to act in case of corruption, while stressing the need to remove it from life. Young people want and need to talk about corruption because it is a problem of everyday life. Young people want to eliminate corruption and want their voice to this topic was taken into account. The project will be attended by the young people of our province. And decision makers of the central, regional and public institutions. Action will be realized: 1. Internet research on-line for young people aged 15-30 on corruption, its perception and ways to eliminate the phenomenon of life 2. The creation of a project website and profiles on social media- actively informing about events, meetings, party administration. It is important that the website is dynamic, interesting for young people. 3 Three thematic debates with decision-makers and experts from the five areas that the basis of an earlier survey questionnaires are areas where there is still corruption - health, police, education (universities), municipal police, MPK (controllers) - will be prepared for the debate for specific areas - experts and decision-makers will be represented by the authorities and those areas. With each debate there will be prepared material, conclusions, recommendations, which will be posted on the web, 4. The media debate involving politicians, youth experts, decision makers, experts on how to prevent corruption and regulations are optimal for eliminating this problem. The debate conducted by a journalist, media publicized involving a wider range of participants - approx. 100 people. 5.3 happenings involving young people and representatives of various communities, government - it is an effective method of reaching out to young people, to show the problem. SLA successfully organized such events and will organize the event. During the meetings we will determine theme and place of each happening, The event will be distributed to youth canvas bags with logos design 6. Two flash mobs in the form and places worked out in the course of the project - these events will be created by the young surfers, "called" on the net. They will choose the place. The event will promote the project KWT logo and slogan. All participants will be present in the same T-shirts with the slogan and logo bags. The event will be announced on the forums and social media profiles. 7. Competition for a slogan and poster on Anti-corruption will be announced on the Internet and on social networks. The most interesting works will be promoted on FB, web, forums, media debate. We will encourage departments and institutions to "adopt" these works on a touring exhibition. These works will be illustrations of the booklet Corruption – We All Lose. For the best work we predicted 3 3 prizes. INT will oversee this activity, SLA will invite decision-makers and young people to work in the competition jury. 8.Conference summarizing the project and operation of the project, and presenting the results of the competition - presentations, recommendations, events and brochures. Announcement of the results of the competition. The project will be promoted in social media and traditional. 9.The dialogue and participation of young people example- a study on Basic. project activities, methods and tools for effective dialogue with policy makers youth - an electronic version will be distributed among young people and decision makers.



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