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Korištenje tehnologije u podučavanju engleskog jezika
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In spite of abundant experience in the field of teaching foreign languages to adult learners, especially English, Adult Education Centre "Maksima" is aware of the necessity to include modern technology into the teaching process and the challenges it presents in particular to teachers with more than 20 years of experience in traditional teaching. According to the identified needs for development and improvement and our wish to achieve European educational standards, we believe that a course for our teachers organized by International Study Programmes (ISP) in the UK will enable our institution's advancement as well as that of all our teachers in the field of using modern technology in teaching English. We would then apply this to teaching other foreign languages in "Maksima". This project will focus on 4 main goals: 1. Introducing fresh ideas, new knowledge and skills as well as motivating teaching materials for teaching English to adults based on modern technology; 2. Perfecting language skills of English teachers with many years of experience; 3. Exchanging ideas and experiences and developing links with teachers from other European countries; 4. Implementing newly acquired knowledge and skills and sharing good practice. We have chosen 3 female teachers for the mobility project in Great Britain. They all have 20 or more years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language using traditional methods. All 3 are at the same time teachers of one more European language (French, German and Italian). They are ideal candidates for the mobility because not only do they require insight into the newest in foreign language education, examples they learn for teaching English will be easily adapted to programmes of other languages they teach. After preparation in “Maksima” and participating in local educational events covering the use of technology in the teaching process, our teachers will leave for a two week course in Southampton (UK) where they will attend lectures and participate in workshops organised by ISP and conducted by top British experts with years of experience in the field of English language teacher training. The program consists of advanced language practice which will be of great use for our teachers. Experiencing British society will be made available through the course activities, educational visits and events, but most of all through staying with local host families where our teachers will be immersed in life in England. The teacher training course will consist of lectures, workshops and educational-study visits. Our wish is to perfect and modernize the teaching process in "Maksima" for the benefit of our teachers and students. This would make learning English more interesting, enhance motivation as well as increase learning tempo. That way our students will be better prepared for student exchange and moreover for the competitive European employment market. The new ideas and experience our teachers will acquire is adaptable not only to teaching other foreign languages but also to language education specific for young learners, from kindergarten children up, offered in schools specializing in foreign language teaching. By spreading our experience and good practice we will bring new ideas to all interested colleagues at home and abroad. They can learn from us how to participate in mobility programmes, they will have access to all the information and ideas our teachers got and workshops to transfer the newly acquired skills. We will stay in direct contact with ISP's teacher trainers and participants from other European countries and hope to develop new international relations between our institution and others through bilateral agreements.



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