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Konstruktywizm w nauczaniu matematyki - otwarte zasoby edukacyjne
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Constructivism in teaching mathematics - open educational resources" aims to promote the development, testing and implementation of mathematical simulations to support teaching of mathematics in high school. The goal of 10 simulations creating group "Make Interest" is to awaken students' curiosity and interest in mathematics by posting the process in the environment close to the students. Each simulation is accompanied by a teacher guide containing variety of usage scenarios during the course material. The lesson may be of a discussion led by the students (support group work), "fights between students" (the teacher presents the problem and the students based on the simulation are trying to predict the solution, which is then later verified). Simulations group "Practise" aims to consolidate the knowledge gained through the "Make Interest" and gain competence. Each simulation is a story to which consists of a sequence of scenes. The task of the student is solving problems and finding the key - the next knowledge useful in life. Innovation of the project is to develop a simulation of situations of everyday life or in another context in which we make decisions based on knowledge and mathematical skills. Developed simulations will be subject to evaluation designed to find answers to questions about: the extent to which developed mathematical simulations correspond to the identified problems in the teaching of mathematics, the level of "profitability" developed simulation, the level of "effectiveness" - the extent to which the assumptions made during the development of the vision simulations have been achieved, the impact of the use of simulation in the teaching of mathematics in the school environment for teachers and students, "permanence effects" - (or positive effects on the level of project results and will last to the end of EU funding), the possibility of further expansion of the base simulation teaching aids other areas. Implementation of the developed simulation and guides will be carried out during the training organized for teachers and future teachers. At the end of the project will be organized in Gliwice (PL) disseminating the developed simulation conference, guides and reports of their evaluation. The project was developed by the Silesian Metropolitan Network sp. Z oo (PL), Universitaet WIEN (A), AS COLLEGE LIMITED CYPRUS (CY), Viteco Srl (I), the WCR 11 in Gliwice (PL). Duration of the project - 2 years.


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