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Комуникация, участие и социално включване в разширяваща се Европа
Date du début: 30 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “COMPASS - Communication, Participation and Social Inclusion in an enlarging Europe” by IBI Razvitie lasts for 10 months and the activities take place in the city of Varna and Targovishte region from Sept 30 2016 to July 30 2017.The distrust, which exists between different cultures, is often connected with prejudices, originating in the lack of mutual knowledge and understanding. Young people in small communities often lack direct contact with foreign cultures and many others do not have practical skills in communication, entrepreneurship or how to work with persons from different cultures. The skills and instruments for work in a multicultural and multilingual context contribute to a successful realisation on the job market and personal development.The project's goals are to offer possibilities for studying and practical experiences in raising awareness and using some of the basic European values like tolerance and equality; promotion for children and young people to participate in non-formal education activities; increasing mobility; encouraging more active participation in society; development of creative thinking and expression and increasing the possibilities for employment of youth of different origin.Four volunteers participate in the project, who will have the chance to develop their skills working with around 200 school-age children, youth and teachers. The volunteers are between 19 and 30 years old, and they coordinate activities with educational institutions. Necessary qualifications are communication skills, tolerance, flexibility, creative thinking, problem resolution capacity, organisational skills, capability to work with schedules and independently, taking initiatives and motivation. Basic computer skills, a wish to work in an international team and with youth are also part of the profile.Activities of the project are developed in four schools, in which four working groups each are created: work with teachers, communication, organisation of a children's musical and visual arts. In each group 15 children participate, who meet once a week. Methods of learning-by-doing are used, as the volunteers prepare, fulfil and evaluate education and workshops with non-formal learning, such as debates, games and creative tasks. The teachers and students work with topics like working in a multicultural environment, conflict management, communication, improvement of language skills, creative writing, distribution of information, social networks, creation of a children's musical with choreography, songs, dances, costumes, posters, exhibition, etc.Each school arranges 1-day festival, organised with the volunteers, with presentations of the musical, exhibition, different cultures, societies and languages and the skills learned during the project. Through the festival the other students, teachers and parents will learn about the work of the groups.The volunteers also have the possibility to develop their own projects and learn about different topics such as entrepreneurship and creation and management of projects.During the work, the volunteers get acquainted with different cultural, social and economic contexts from the big town to the small village. They have the chance to gain practical skills, for instance planning and organisation of presentations and events, improve language knowledge (mainly English and Bulgarian), working with social inclusion and transfer of information and know-how to local youth. The project contributes to the improvement of social and communication skills, adaptation to different environments, capacity to project, implement and manage their own projects, problem-solving, development of sensitivity to different needs in a multicultural context, increasing self-consciousness and self-confidence, competence and strengthening the civic participation of the volunteers. At the end of the project they will receive Youthpass.On the local and regional level the project raises interest towards volunteering, which attracts young people not only in the region, but also in the country towards volunteer work as a possibility for personal development, and towards question of education and multicultural environment. The project contributes to a higher competitiveness through the gained professional, linguistic and intercultural competence, and increases the possibilities for finding work. The project contributes further to the development of concrete practical skills of all participants, giving them further qualifications, raising motivation for life-long learning and creating possibilities for better positioning on the labour market. The results are distributed through presentations in Bulgaria and abroad, web site and social media, regional media and during events and educational events. In the long-term perspective the project creates possibilities for increased tolerance, active civic position in society and raised qualifications of the volunteers and youth.



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